Alcoholism Recovery Stories Dont Drink and Drive Stay Sober

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Alcoholism recovery stories dont drink and drive stay sober hi there I’m James I’m a grateful recovering addict and alcoholic I’ve been sober for three years clean and sober and have been previously used and drank for 20 years I post a video here about addiction and recovery every Saturday as well as post resources […]

Blind Dates Play Truth or Drink (Amalia & Andy) | Truth or Drink | Cut

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– How many sexual partners have you had? – I’m gonna take a drink just because – Okay perfect. – I like tequila. I’d say less than 20 but more than 15. – That’s so cute. – [Amalia] Okay cool. – [Crew Member] Now you are just going to walk to the table. And you’re […]

Wine University Episode 04 – Wine by the case

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if you’re a lover of wine and you’re interested in learning about wine or a particular wine owning a case of wine really is the only way to go don’t take only one bottle for example buy for six bottle one carton missing in different time is possible to understand the wine but also the […]

Drink Beer. Help Animals.

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[Bluegrass music playing] This is kind of an outside of the box thing for us. It’s called Drink Beer. Help Animals. And what it is, it’s a fundraiser to help raise awareness and funding to help care for the animals here at Wildlife Learning Center. Basically there are 3 missions here. We rescue wildlife in […]


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Wines on Wine – Screen Actors Guild Awards

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This January, we are sipping with the stars! For the third year in a row, Cooper’s Hawk is the Official Wine Partner of the Screen Actors Guild Awards. So, the Master’s Flight for January gives you an opportunity to taste along with these wines that are all representational of the wines that will be enjoyed […]

A Guide to Red Wine : Types of Red Wine: Weninger from Kekfrankos

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Hello, my name is Mihaly Fabsk. We are here on behalf of Expert Village. This wine is one of my favorite wines. You can say this is a nice everyday wine. It’s made from Kekfrankos grape variety which is the most widely-planted grape variety in Hungary. The vintage year is 2005, so it’s a quite […]

Sea Salt Cream Top Bubble Tea ♥ Drink Recipe

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[MUSIC PLAYING] Hey, guys. It’s Angel. today I’m sharing with you a new bubble tea drink recipe. It is Sea Salt Cream Top Black Tea. Sea salt cream top black tea. Wow. that was a huge mouthful. But if I had to describe how this drink tastes, I would say it kind of tastes like […]

Vietnam’s most Western-friendly Food (WARNING: Don’t Drink It!!)

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Space Saver Fridge Wine Bottle Rack

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