Alcohol Metabolism

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hey everyone dr. Mungli here in this video I will be explaining you about alcohol metabolism that is ethanol metabolism when a person takes alcohol around 5% of the alcohol is absorbed in the mouth and in the esophagus and in the stomach and 95% of the alcohol which is reaching portal circulation so from […]

This Is Where Your Wine Corks Come From

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(upbeat music) – [Narrator] Cork. It’s the miracle tree bark that’s found in everything from baseball bats to spaceships. But it’s best known as the last obstacle in your journey to drink wine. Yes, sometimes de-corking can feel like a chore. No, I’m not talking about popping open a wine bottle. I’m talking about how […]

Zednray- Wine it Up

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Wine it up for me right now Its about bout to go down Wine it up for me right now Wine it up for me right now You know how i want it Come and push on me like nobodys around messing with my mind flaunting like you own it Im just trnna have some […]

Fyn Guide: Privat Wine Tasting & Park Golf on Danish Winery | Scandinavia

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Why do we downsize? Declutter? Live in a small apartment and do a budget? We do it to have a simpler everyday life and we do it so we can travel and have lots of adventures as a family and this time we’re exploring Sydfyn, a charming Danish island with lots of castles thatched houses […]

गोंद और गोंद कतीरा में ये है अंतर | Difference Between Gond and Gond Katira | Health Benefits

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today we are going to learn about 2 natural gums – Gond & Gond Katira and their health benefits. you can read about them in the desciption box here you can see these two natural gums of plant origin there is some confusion between gond and gond katira and many among us think both of […]


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Whoa what the heck happened here Patreon dude, yeah Patreon… Donate to Patreon… Patreon Patreon dude! Fucking Patreon man See you next time man welcome back to the episode of What’s in this video today? Hey, dude, I fucked up this week. I don’t have two items cuz we all got lost in transit I […]

Machine Customization for X-ray Inspection

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– Hi, I’m Rich Cisek and welcome to today’s installment of Quick Tips with Rich, your x-ray envision inspection internet resource. Today we’re going to be talking about machine customization. (upbeat music) What makes us unique as a vendor is that’s something we actually specialize in because we realize that a lot of customers don’t […]

S.Pellegrino & Markem-Imaje – A Partnership Built on an Advisory Approach

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San Pellegrino is the world leader in the mineral water sector. Our products are present in more than 150 countries worldwide. We want San Pellegrino to be seen as a product of excellence. Our consumers see us as a representative of the Italian way of life. Excellent quality means that all our products must be […]

Better15 Minutes of Fame AOC or Popeyes Chicken Sandwich

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[inaudible]. All right. In case you live under a rock or haven’t turned on social media or the news lately, there’s a hurricane bearing down on the Eastern seaboard in the United States right now, but we’re not going to talk about that. Let’s get into the real headlines of the week. the people’s Republic […]

Would Banning Plastic Bottles Help or Hurt the Planet?

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– When you see me holding this plastic bottle of water what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Quick and cheap hydration that you can grab when you’re on the go, Yet another piece of plastic that’s just gonna end up polluting the planet. If my butler’s not serving me sustainably harvested rain water […]