Piemonte Italian Wines : Barolo Piemonte Wines

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Hi! I am Mark Middlebrook and I am here in the Paul Marcus Wines Cantina. And, I am going to talk in this segment about Barolo, the king of the Nebbiolo-based wines from Piemonte in northwest Italy. Barolo is a, what the Italians called a DOCG. Simply means an appellation. A named style of wine. […]

How to Say Primitivo? Italian Wine Pronunciation

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Primitivo is a dark-skinned red wine grape variety that produces inky very tannic tense wines in Italy particularly in the heel of the Italian built in the Puglia wine region of Italy Primitivo. Primitivo is a cousin of the Zinfandel that is grown primarily in California. Primitivo. The typical Italian pronunciation? Primitivo. PRI MI Ti […]

Does Alcohol Really Keep You Warm?

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You may have seen pictures of St. Bernards carrying little kegs of Brandy around their necks to keep stranded hikers from freezing to death. But does alcohol really keep you warm? Not only is the answer here a definite No, but in fact the opposite is true. While alcohol may make you feel warm, it […]

The Jerk (9/10) Movie CLIP – Navin Beats the Racists (1979) HD

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and your apartments are up in March, you should have ”X” amount of dollars rolling in by the end of this year. (Navin) Ah! ”X” amount. That’s very good, isn’t it? (Man #2) Not only that, you can depreciate the entire building for the full amount. (Navin) Depreciate? Very good. Hmm. l like that. We […]

Space Saving Beverage Cooler that Holds A Lot

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hi lovelies it’s me simply Cherie helping you make home and entertaining simple if you’re new here and you like organizing decluttering and entertaining videos please consider subscribing that is what I do in my channel in this video I’m going to show you a product that knew where it gave to me it is […]

Funny Wine Tasting Cartoon || Gary Cartoonist

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Very earthy tannins.. Lovely aroma of leather and horse blanket.. I like the red one! Smoky cherries, evoking memories of dessert houses in Paris in the early thirties The red one is the good one! Much better than that chardonnay which tasted like a crate of grapefruit run over by a lawnmower Whats he saying? […]

Tar Heels Wine Bottle DIY | Decoupage With Fabric | Wine Bottle Crafts

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Hi, my crafty fam! Today I’ll be showing you one more way you can make these sports themed bottles that make awesome gifts. I’ve already made a baseball and football themed bottle. I’ll leave the link to those in the description box below or click on the I, at the top right-hand corner of this […]

Drinking apple cider to flush out gall bladder stones [ENG SUB]

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From Mr. Rolando Sumaylo. He is 60 years old, from Rizal. Here’s his question. “I was found to have gallbladder stone” “I researched on YouTube on how to flush out.” “One way is drinking apple cider but the pain got worse,” he said. “Is it a sign that the stones are about to come out?” […]

The #1 Anti-Aging Drink

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Hey, Dr. Axe here, doctor of natural medicine and founder of draxe.com and in this video I’ll be talking about the number one drink for an anti-aging, which is green tea including sencha and matcha and some of the benefits here are going to blow your mind. I’ll also be talking about the dosage that […]

HERSHEY’S – Summer Recipe – HERSHEY’S Summer Beverages

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Cool off with icy summer drinks flavored with HERSHEY’S Syrup! Here’s how! You’ll need your favorite summer beverage plus some HERSHEY’S magic! Remember, it’s all about presentation. Try mixing it up with all kinds of glassware. The possibilities are almost endless! Try a classic Chocolate milkshake and garnish with skewered ROLOS or REESE’S Miniatures. Strawberry […]