Ice Gula Asem Drink / Ice Tamarind & Palm Sugar Drink

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Hi, welcome to Krupuk Aci Hey guys today we’re going to make Gula Asem drink to start this off. We need the following ingredients After that, the first step is to put the tamarind into the pan and pour the water in After that we boil it with medium heat and continue stirring it When […]

Wine pairings for National Drink Wine Day

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Mastering Wine: How to Taste Wine Like a Geek!

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hi my name is Jacky Blisson and today and over the next little series of videos we are going to be talking about how and why to taste wine like a geek we’re gonna talk about why this is important how to go about doing it and we’re then gonna break down the aromas and […]

Daniel’s Most Outrageous Drinking Games – Tosh.0

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[patriotic music]♪ ♪[engine revving] [gunshot] – Chug, chug, chug, chug, chug, chug. – Ahh! [all screaming]♪ ♪– Oh, look out! [fireworks booming] – Oh, my God. [laughter] – Come on, Sauce! [all shouting]♪ ♪– Ahh! – Oh, my God! My God! – I’ve always said binge drinking wasn’t dangerous enough. Are you too much of […]

Liquor-by-the-drink referendum approved by Sullivan Co. Commission

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Erie Police investigating armed robbery at Wine and Spirits on East 6th Street

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Burgundy Wine Terminology

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When it comes to understanding wine terminology every country and region has its own specific terms, phrases and references Burgundy is no different. And in fact has some of the trickiest terminology to remember However, there are a few key words that every connoisseur should know. What is a Clos? So a Clos, it’s very […]

Jenna Shares Candid Talk She Had With Her Dad About Drinking | TODAY

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Foodies Rejoice! SOBE Wine & Food Fest Is Here

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Cheers! Perrin Brewing hosting Pre Beer Fest Beer Fest

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