Residents Frustrated After Pennsylvania Officials Announce Closure Of State-Run Wine, Liquor Stores

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[Vill’s kitchen] Red wine beef stew – Vill’s recipe

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*shallots and garlics

Alkaline Water Is A Life Saver And It’s Easy To Make! #HealthTipsByGurudev | Health Tip 2

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If we observe the nature of our food habits we come to know that it is more of acidic in nature To reduce the acidic nature of the food we eat, we need to balance it with alkaline food We should be able to differentiate acidic and alkaline food Grains are acidic and vegetables are […]

The Health Effects of Marijuana – Expert Q&A

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– Hello, welcome to today’s webchat about marijuana. Thank you for joining us. My name is Ed Bottomley with the Michigan Medicine Department of Communication. The Michigan Regulation and Taxation of Marijuana, also known as Proposal 1, was passed by the voters of the State of Michigan on November the 6th, 2018. It became a […]

What Does Xanax Really Do To Your Body?

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Hey there! Welcome to Life Noggin. Xanax is one of the most prescribed psychiatric medications in the United States., It’s the brand name for alprazolam, a drug used to manage anxiety and panic disorders., It has also been used to treat depression, PMS, and chronic pain., When used as prescribed, it can be very beneficial. […]

LDS Missionaries Try LSD for the First Time – {The Kloons}

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-Have you ever taken any psychedelics? -Nope. -No. -No, I haven’t even had any coffee. -You never had coffee? -No. -You have? -I had coffee once. -I had beer once. -What?! Did you like it? -No. No. No, I wouldn’t do it again. -I wouldn’t do beer. -Yeah. -What do you know about LSD? -I […]

Stone Floor Sealant Demo With Red Wine – CSB Stone Floor Cleaning In Cardiff

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Hi I’m Mair from CSB Floor Care. Today I want to show you a quick demo and talk about the benefits of having your stone and tile floors sealed after cleaning. Now pretty much all natural products will stain almost immediately after spilling anything on them. This is because natural stone has small pin holes […]

How to Pronounce Dionysus? (CORRECTLY) BTS Band – Greek God of Wine

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What is up guys? Bonjour. This is Julien the guy who makes pronunciation videos here on YouTube. Yes, pronunciation videos. And we are looking at how to pronounce the name of the ancient Greek God of wine. This is also the name of a very popular song by kpop band BTS. So this is a […]

Bon Jovi Opens Soul Kitchen On Rutgers University Campus In Newark

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🏆 Umami Bomb Cottage Pie (Shepherd’s Pie) Recipe

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welcome friends welcome back to the kitchen today we’re going to make a cottage pie recipe and if you live on my side of the Atlantic you would probably call this shepherd’s pie mistakenly we’re using beef shepherd’s pie cottage pie exactly the same thing except cottage pie made with beef and shepherd’s pie made […]