DIY: Easy Bracelets using Drinking Straws – Recycling Project

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Hey guys! Did you know that you can use drinking straws not only for drinking your favourite soda or milkshakes? But also for making colourful braceltes that are perfect for summer? They are so fun and easy to make, you won’t believe it! and today I’m going to show you how to make them so […]

Falooda – Refreshing Cold Beverage – Sweet Dessert Recipe-How to make falooda drink at home

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Today we are going to make falooda drink Ingredients: Milk+sugar or flavoured milkshake,1 tbsp basil seeds,1 tbsp falooda noodels,1 tbsp rose syrup and 1 tbsp khus syrup,garnish with almonds and a scoop of ice creame Place a layer of basil seeds soaked in milk for one hour Add a layer of falooda Add rose syrup […]

Digitalizing the food and beverage industry

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What will happen to our food industry? What will happen to our hospitality industry? Major changes are on the horizon, and we’re right at the beginning of that. (UP-TEMPO MUSIC PLAYS) – I’ll be talking about our learnings from the food and beverage industry, how we’re introducing some of the technologies that our companies and […]

Is Box Wine Good? | The Quality of Wine Available In Boxes Is Increasing #026

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What’s the deal with boxed wine? Is it any good anyway? Stay tuned to find out! Hi, I’m Tim from Elma Wine and Liquer. We sell a lot of boxed wine here at Elma Wine and Liquer, as do many liquor stores throughout the state and throughout the country. Boxed wine has been around for […]

College Students and Alcohol Abuse

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Whether you’re a concerned parent of a college student or you’re a student yourself who wants to seek help, alcoholism is a major issue that can put a damper on a person’s self-esteem and future aspirations. Drinking in college is incredibly normal and almost seems like it’s something that all students have to do. Unfortunately, […]

What Happens When You Drink Water On An Empty Stomach – Health Benefits Of Water

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What happens when you drink water on an empty stomach Most of us already know, and agree, that there are numerous health benefits of drinking water on an empty stomach in the early morning. Water is essential for life and its benefits are undeniably healthy. All organs need water to function properly and in good […]

Coca-Cola, 1971 – ‘Hilltop’ | “I’d like to buy the world a Coke”

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(SINGING) I’d like to buy the world a home and furnish it with love. Grow apple trees and honey bees and snow-white turtle doves. I’d like to teach the world to sing– sing with me– in perfect harmony. Perfect harmony. I’d like to buy the world a Coke and keep it company. That’s the real […]

Mad Men: LSD Scene [HD] 720p

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Go ahead. Just let it melt on your tongue. You always say I never take you anywhere. Well, Dr. Leary, I find your product boring. Only awareness can make reality. And only what’s real can become a dream. And only from a dream can you wake to the light. Okey-dokey. He’s not making this up. […]

10 Health Benefits of Drinking Warm Water

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We all know that water is essential to our daily lives. It helps us to feel good, look good and helps our body to function properly. Research has shown that water helps to rid your body of toxins, keeps you healthy and keeps you looking young. It is recommended that you start your day with […]

9 Tasty MANGO Dessert & Drinks Recipes | Summer Special | CookWithNisha

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Mumma pls give me Mango Mastani i want Mango Ice cream I need Aam panna I want Aam Papad I need Aam panna I want Mango Mojito This mango is gonna to fulfil the demands of all of them but before that hit 30,000 LIKES to this video first prepare Mango Pulp as this gonna […]