Which Is The Best Boxed Wine (Cabernet Sauvignon)?

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(mischievous music) It’s pretty good. A noticeable acidity, it’s not bad, it goes down easy. Definitely some cherry, I would say it’s a full bodied wine. It’s almost got a little sourness to it. It’s kind of flat. It’s a little light, not very many legs on this one. (crew member laughs) Some thickness to […]

Wines you should try if you’re a Pinot Gris devotee

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If you like the fruity, easy-drinking style of Pinot Gris, you should try a Rosé. Rosé is fresh, vibrant, it’s really popular at the moment and goes well with pretty much everything that you can have on a barbeque. And if you fancy being a little bit more adventurous try a Gewürz. Slightly sweeter, very […]


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You got a bottle opener yeah I actually need to go and have a look can this open bottles dont think so wow this looks mad look come here f##k off sh#t im going to order one right now so for this part of the video we dont have one of these so I need […]

WOW!!! Automatic Mango/Fruit/Juice/Beverage Bottling Manufacturing Production Line

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beverage production line

How do you contest a blood alcohol test in Texas?

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It is difficult because in my opinion jurors tend to have almost a blind faith in alcohol results or blood results so you’re in court you are trying to convince a jury that this is not written in stone and it is fallible. Many mistakes can be made in blood testing as well as alchohol […]

(Uncensored) David Choe Interview for myFinBec 2013 – Graffiti Art and Wine

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I’ve been chased out of Kansas City. I’m not allowed into Canada. I’m not allowed into Japan. I was almost not allowed back into Afganistan. David Choe. Steve Lazarides: Dave is an amazing painter. The freedom of expression that he has is quite unlike most other painters that I know. Most of the stuff that […]

Laguiole En Aubrac Corkscrew – Box Wood Video | Wineware

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The Laguiole en Aubrac Box Wood handled corkscrew is supplied in a gift presentation case. The handle is made from boxwood, with the frame, foil cutter and five long spiral worm from brushed stainless steel. Each corkscrew is created entirely by hand, by one individual artisan craftsman, in the famed Laguiole region in France. Every […]

If 6 Deaths = Ban Vaping, What About Guns, Cigs & Alcohol?

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Uh, there is a sort of stunning hypocrisy around the recent vaping related panic that the president has shown. Now, last week we had this sort of cartoonish moment where Donald Trump explained that the first lady, meaning his wife, Melania Trump, is very, um, finds the vaping issue very important because she has a […]

Alcohol Ink Details

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– Hello, and welcome back. It’s Jennifer McGuire. Today I’m here with another alcohol ink video. I’ve done quite a few of these lately but I’m just really impressed with the different techniques you can do with this ink so you can really stretch this product far. Today I’m sharing how to add details to […]

Dr Miroljub Petrovic On Marijuana, Alcohol, Depression And More! (sa srpskim prevodom)

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hey guys what’s going on so for this video dr. Miller do better which will be our guest once again and if you missed the first interview with dr. Miller a veteran I highly suggest that you check it out the link will be in the description box and also if you’re new to the […]