Naming Alcohols Using IUPAC Rules for Nomenclature

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Leah here from and in this video I will show you how to name alcohols. An alcohol is a molecule that has an OH as its functional group. This is typically shown as R-OH where R means the rest of the molecule and OH is your alcohol functional group. Since alcohol is a high […]

Inventory Management from Oracle Food and Beverage (EN)

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this is Lauren Lauren runs a chain of restaurants serving great food to happy guests but two years ago the business nearly folded food costs went up and the restaurants stopped making money Lauren turned her business around with inventory management from Oracle food and beverage inventory management gives Laura control of her food costs […]

New Employee Orientation (Food & Beverage DVD) Educational Institute

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Welcome to the food and beverage service industry where opportunity, people, and fun make it more than just a place to work. You’re one of the millions of people in the country’s largest non-government industry and whether you see it as a job or as a career, the skills you learn will last a lifetime […]

How to Trick Yourself Into Drinking More Water Every Day – Drinking Water Benefits – Health Tips

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How to Trick Yourself Into Drinking More Water Every Day | Drinking Water Benefits – Health Tips | There are lot of confusions in drinking water. Some people say it is enough it you drink 3 litres of water everyday Some prefer drinking 3 litres of water is not necessary and you drink water when […]

Princess Cruises Tips and Tricks

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Hey cruisers, I’m Sheri with Cruise Tips TV. Today’s episode was inspired by one of our subscribers who asks “I’m about to sail on Princess for the first time. Any tips or hints for this line?”. Why yes, Jennifer we do! If you’ve been watching our channel for a while, you’ve probably heard us speak […]

Joy Beverage Booster Review

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– Hello, my name is Miriam and I’m sharing with you about my experience with the Joy Beverage Booster by Kaliana, So here’s the bottle. And you can find this on her website at under beverage boosters. I find that this product definitely helps bring more joy into my life. It uplifts my spirits, […]

Food and Beverage Manufacturer Increase Inventory Traceability with Plex ERP

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For a customer who buys a bottle of vanilla, usually, it’s one bottle a year. So if that label’s crooked, they’re gonna look at that crooked label all year long, and it’s going to be a reflection upon us, and also on our customers. Shank’s is a small private label packer of flavoring extracts in […]

Do Chinese girls like me drink Alcohol? Hu Knows!

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Welcome to Hu Knows Today I’m going to talk about alcohol Before I met my husband I didn’t drink that often only wine sometimes What kind what kind of alcohol I like to drink must be sweet or fruit taste I don’t know don’t have a favorite alcohol, but I Do think I prefer the […]

(REUPLOAD) Progress Report: Theory Test for Alcohol Catalyzed Magnesium Reduction of Sodium

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Warning: The experiment deals with high temperatures. Sodium is a dangerously reactive and flammable metal. Fire safety protocols must be in place. Greetings fellow nerds. So i have a very exciting progress update: I have successfully made sodium by the alcohol catalyzed magnesium reduction approach. The process though is terrible and practically worthless since the […]

LISBON, PORTUGAL // Must-do travel tips!

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Hello, from Lisbon, Portugal! I’m going to show you guys the best things that you have to do in Lisbon when you come to visit. So this morning, for instance, before I did anything else, Clare and I went to get the best-known pastry here in Portugal: pastel de nata! I’m probably saying it really […]