Changing the story for Canadian athletes: Leah Skerry at TEDxStJohns

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Translator: Mirjana Čutura Reviewer: Peter van de Ven My hands were dripping with blood. It was my first day in gymnastics class, but my gym was our family’s front yard and one tree. And like any aspiring athlete, I had a dream that I could be an Olympic gymnast. I’d proudly run to my mom […]

5 Side Effects of Too Much Apple Cider Vinegar

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– Apple cider vinegar is very popular in the natural healthy community, but some have raised concerns about its safety and side effects, so in this video I’m gonna take a closer look. Number one, digestive side effects. Apple cider vinegar may cause unpleasant digestive symptoms in some people. Studies have found that the acetic […]

STOP DRINKING: Why alcohol kills self-improvement

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So I want to talk about how to get better in your social skills, your charisma, and, specifically, I want to talk about one thing that you can stop doing that is going to help you improve so much faster, and that thing, though it might sound like sacrilege, is to STOP DRINKING. Now, a […]

Top 16 Uses For Coca Cola You Probably DIDN’T KNOW!

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Top 16 Uses For Coca Cola You Probably Didn’t Know 16. Reduce bug itching- Summer time means bugs come out to play. While you can try to avoid these pesky bugs, you can’t always help it! The good part is if you have a can of Coke lying around then you can use it as […]

How to Make Mini Popcorn Machine With Coke Can

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HOW to make mini popcorn machine with coke can Diy Ideas Recycle coke can popcorn machine

True Merchandising Solutions | Product Display Cabinets & Beverage Centers | Labeling & Organization

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You work hard to make the best beverage products. You want those products to be represented in the best way possible. And you want your customers to your products in the best light. True makes it simple. With a variety of merchandising solutions, True not only makes it easy for the person displaying your product […]

How To Make Hot Chocolate | Quick and Homemade Beverage | Recipe by Archana | Basic Cooking

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Welcome to Ruchkar Mejwani with Archana – Basic Cooking. Only with a thought of chocolate our mouth starts watering.. ..and undoubtedly it’s everyone’s favorite! But when we melt this chocolate, it tastes even better! So, you got a hint what I am making today, right? You guessed it correct, Hot Chocolate! Let’s double boil the […]

Check, Please! Bay Area Beverage Notes: All About Punch!

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– Punch, I remember sneaking sips from my parents’ Christmas party bar as a kid. Whether made with added alcohol or not, at the time, punch’s reputation as the drink of the day was starting to decline. But punch is back. The word comes from a Sanskrit term meaning five, as the original punches had […]

How Alcohol Affects the Brain & Safe Drinking Tips | headspace

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Grog, pissed, shots, tinnies, booze, good times, doing stupid things, dangerous things, thinking that stupid things are funny, parties, mates, fun, isolation, intoxication, getting a little bit too confident, violence, drama, clubbing, getting aggressive, bingeing, making mistakes, spend lots of money, vomiting, headaches, wasted, alcohol, strategies to keep on top of your drinking. – Hey […]

CamelBak Elixir: Electrolyte-Enhanced Performance Beverage

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However you hydrate, we’ve got your back. CamelBak Elixir is electrolyte-powered hydration that is packed with essential electrolytes to help you replenish what you lose when you sweat during activity. Elixir is a sugar-free electrolyte hydration beverage specifically designed for use in your CamelBak reservoir or bottle that won’t leave behind sticky residues. Each convenient […]