Coke coca-cola w/ PEPSI soft drink Ice cream VS Yogurt strawberry Ice cream rolls challenge

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fight of the century Hi……….. (pop)… (Puts coke on table, out of frame.)…… (opens Pepsi) (Pours the Coke and the Pepsi onto the “ice crate”.) (Scrapes Coke and Pepsi together) (Pours on more Coke and Pepsi) (Continues Scraping) (Creates a Well in the Mixture) (Pours Cream Into Mixture) (Continues Scraping) (Very fast short scraps and […]

Curry risotto beverage とろとろ煮込んだカレーリゾット

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I found a terrible thing! Unique beverage It was in a vender machine. Curry risotto drink! What a crazy beverage! How about it? Exactly curry! I’ll try… Well… yummy! I like it. There should be rice in the risotto. But there’s grains of arum root instead of rice. I don’t feel like risotto, but it’s […]

Seth and Kelly Clarkson Go Day Drinking

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-With all of the crazy stuff going on in the world these days, sometimes you just need to take a break and drink during the afternoon. And today I’m going to do it with Kelly Clarkson. Hi, Kelly. -Hello. Hello. I’m ready. -All right. -Y’all ready? -We’re going to start with a little bit of […]

CJ McCollum has a 600-bottle wine cellar: Portland Trail Blazers talk Oregon wine

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– My fiancée actually introduced me to wine seven years ago in college. I didn’t drink it, I only drank other things. And it kinda grew on me. I figured out what I liked, learned more about grapes, learned more about different weather and how that affects the taste. Now I have a 600 bottle […]

Exploring Wine & Street Food With MasterChef Sarah Todd | Indian Street Food | Served #13

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India has a huge variety of street food… …be it kebabs or tikkas Try anything in Old Delhi… …you’ll find a new variety of the same dish in a few steps! But, what happens when your Indian street food… …comes all the way from Australia? That is what I am here to figure out in […]

Sofiz Mini Soft Drink Plant

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Call Nandu 9989488598

What Beverage Contains The Most Caffeine?

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Kris Simpson here from Bodies by Design. I have a confession to make. I’m a feen when it comes to caffeine. I have 3, 4 or 5 cups of coffee per day. So what is your favorite caffeinated beverage? Is it brewed coffee, espresso, black tea, maybe green tea, energy drinks or pre-workout supplements. Here’s […]

Agropur Beverage

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My name is Bryan Olson I’m the VP of Sales and Marketing at Agropur Natrel USA. Agropur Natrel USA is a fluid liquid co-pack dairy processor. We have two different plants one is in Grand Rapids, Michigan the other one is in Maplewood, Minnesota. We have three different processes that we work under we have […]

Purposefully Designed Beverage Center Interior

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The Monogram Beverage Center features removable glass shelves purposefully designed to maximize space. Two full extension sliding shelves that are wine racks or beverage holders for the ultimate in storage convenience.

How to Fill a Ranger Alcohol Ink Blender Pen #aiartcomm

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hi everybody this is Sharon AK Harris and welcome to my studio. Today I’m gonna teach you how to fill a blending pen because a lot of people don’t realize that when you buy these they’re empty and one side has a pointy end and one has more of a wide brush end even though […]