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today we’re in San Francisco and we’re about to embark on a weekend getaway to Napa Valley one of America’s most famous wine growing regions it’s roughly one hour north of the city and contains over 400 wineries it’s filled with historic castles world-renowned cuisine and history on this trip we’re going to visit three […]

Check, Please! Bay Area Wine Tips: About Grenache

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My Favorite Restaurant in NYC: Buvette

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Hey everyone! So as you all know now, I’m about to move to London, which is super fun, but I couldn’t say goodbye to New York City without showing you inside my favorite restaurant here. Side note: it’s probably the hardest question to answer ever: what’s your favorite restaurant in New York, there are so […]

Where the Water Tastes Like Wine – Official Trailer | PS4

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How to Make a Mulled Wine Gift | Rich Hunt | One Minute Tips

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Hi Guys I’m gonna show you how to turn mulled wine into a thoughtful Christmas gift, a mulled wine spice bag can contain whatever spices you like to make mulled wine, start by selecting your spices then put them into a pestle and mortar I’m using a few cloves some nutmeg a couple of star […]

New York Steak With Red Wine Cayenne Sauce : New York Steak With Red Wine Cayenne Sauce: Plating

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Alright our butter is just about melted for our beans so we’re going to add the beans back in. And we’re going to turn the heat off and stir them so that they’re coated. And we’re going to remove that from the heat. Our steak is just about done so we can turn our heat […]

The Disappearance of Dylan Redwine Clip 2

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He goes missing and you all trade text messages. What’s up with that well? That’s how he let me know that Dylan was missing and what did you do when you got that text I? Tried to call him directly thereafter, and then I texted him back And you didn’t talk on the phone. No […]

Danny Bhoy Beer vs God

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Chemistry of Beer – Unit 3 – Chemical Concepts: Flavor and Aroma Compounds

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>>The flavor and aroma of beer is very complex. In fact, there’s over 800 identified compounds that lead to flavor in beer alone. And when we think about the styles of beer, we need to think about what type of water, malt, hops, and yeast we’re going to use to get an identifiable style of […]

Making the King of Tiki Drinks: The Mai Tai

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Do you remember when we were shooting Hacking the System? We went to a tiki bar. Oh, you son of a bitch. [laughter] [synthetic robot voice] The Modern Rogue makes a mai tai. So you’ve never had a Mai Tai before? No. Do you know anything about them? I… no. Okay. [laughter] Like most tiki […]