Ascent by DaVinci – All Glass Pathway Portable Vaporizers

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A wine enthusiast doesn’t just settle for a tin can to drink their wine, they choose the finest glass available for the ultimate experience. Flavor and purity is why we crafted the ascent vaporizer with an all glass pathway for the connoisseur. Ascent by Davinci, the world’s most advanced portable vaporizer. Superior flavor.

FU Awesome Reviews Glenmorangie Signet Single Malt Whisky

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everyone thanks for tuning in to another episode of FU Awesome Alcohol Reviews I’m Ajax and I’m stump today we’re going to be looking into the Glenmorangie Signet Single Malt Whisky and i’m sorry if i mispronounce that that sounds like a pretty fancy alcohol yes it is it has a very fancy box that […]

5 Shocking Side Effects of Onions | Onion Side Effects

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five side-effects have onions here we are sharing with you the side effects of eating onions one bad breathe onions are known to contribute bad breath strong flavor of onion is responsible for this as onions are rich in sulfur which contains strong smell raw onions tend to add strong smell to your breath this […]

Preparation of alkyl halides from alcohols | Organic chemistry | Khan Academy

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In this video we’re going to see how to prepare alkyl halides from alcohols. And so if we start with this alcohol over here on the left, and we add SOCl2, which is called thionyl chloride, and pyridine to it. We’re going to substitute a chlorine atom for the OH group. And this mechanism occurs […]

The Stop Drinking Expert: Alcohol Lied to Me Updated And Extended Edition

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When I wrote the book alcohol lied to me I had no idea the impact it would make to problem drinkers around the world. I certainly had no idea it would end up helping hundreds of thousands of people out of the miserable loop of alcoholism. I only wanted to document how I had finally […]

Is Chinese Wine Any Good? | Episode #22

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What is up guys? Julien Miquel here of Social Vignerons. Welcome back to another wine video. Today, I’m pleased to announce that I’m tasting some wines from China. A very first first China wine tasting for me. This is Episode #22 of the Tasting with Julien series. China of course is the big superpower that […]

Red Bull: The Real Story Behind the Can

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You’ve probably had that feeling when you’re tired, but you’ve got to stay awake, so you pop open an energy drink and boom, you’re hit by that familiar rush of energy. It’s this feeling that has given rise to an industry worth approximately 64.7 billion dollars as of 2015, and so this week’s Behind the […]

UW Healthy reflects on first year of ban on sugary beverages

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UW clinical nutritionist Amy Mihm talks about the first year of UW Health’s ban on sugary beverages.

Alcohol Taste Test: Spot The Non-Alcoholic Beer | Ft. Sonali & Akshay | Ok Tested

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Excuse me, dude. Can I get one? I’M SO SORRY! Why do we call Beer ‘Beer’? Why don’t we call it a? Why are you doing these alcohol videos, bro? We look like a couple of drunks, don’t we? We look like drunkards, stoners; we look like all those types, but we aren’t. That’s because […]

Orgo 1 Practice Exam Q2 Retrosynthesis Secondary Halogen to Primary Alcohol

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Leah here from and in this video I’ll be solving the Orgo 1 Final exam question 2. You can download the exam and solutions on my website In question 2 we’re told to fill in the missing reagents to bring about this transformation. The two questions you have to ask yourself with any […]