Beverage Hacks – Hack It: EP62

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In this episode – Beverage Hacks. Here’s a great hack to get more juice out of your citrus fruits. Usually people would juice their oranges like this – so cut it in half, and then when you juice it, you get about this much juice. You see that’s one side done. I thought that was […]

Alcohol and the Female Brain

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This morning, Dr. Koob will discuss the effects of alcohol on the female brain. Thank you, Dr. Koob. [applause] Thank you, Deidra. It’s a pleasure to be here. I really want to thank Deidra Roach and Cora Lee Wetherington for organizing this. I mean, I know it was an enormous amount of work. I know […]

Casually Explained: Alcohol

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Alcohol is one of the most socially widespread drugs, and has been part of human culture for thousands of years. This is for pretty evident reasons For anyone who’s tried it before, you’ll notice that alcohol quickly makes you better at many things including temporarily talking to girls and thinking you can jump down more […]

DIY Crackle Using Elmer’s Glue | Wine Bottle Craft | Decoupage

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Welcome back to DIY No Need To Cry with Ivelisse. DIY crackle using Elmer’s glue & decoupage design. Why isn’t my glue cracking? When do I put the paint? Can I use Mod Podge? Can I leave it clear underneath? I’ll be answering these questions along with giving you some tips to help you get […]

How To Turn A Wine Bottle Into A Lamp

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Welcome back to DIY No Need To Cry with Ivelisse You guy’s have been asking for over a year now and today I’m finally going to show you how to turn a wine bottle into a lamp… or at least how I did it. How to turn a wine bottle into a lamp. Please don’t […]

Discover The White Wines of Burgundy

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[♪♪] CHRISTOPHE BOUCHARD: [French speech] MICHAEL FAGAN: Under the city of Beaune, France, in the ancient cellars of Bouchard Pere & Fils, there’s a bottle that challenges all I know to be true about white wine. BOUCHARD: [French speech] FAGAN: It’s a bottle of 1846 Chardonnay, a Meursault that Christophe Bouchard tells me is in […]

The Ultimate DUBAI FOOD TOUR – Street Food and Emirati Cuisine in Dubai, UAE!

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I hope you’re having an amazing day at smart Queens I’m in Dubai UAE and I’m on my way to go meet my friend Pei mutton he’s from Dubai he’s a local travel TV host he’s just an awesome guy and he also loves to eat so in this video we’re gonna take you on […]

YNW BSlime – Slime Dreams (Official Music Video)

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If Drew didn’t film it, then it ain’t filmed right Ayee yeah Young Nigga World Young New Wave It’s a Young Nigga World Aye Back in my dreams Chillin’ with yo bae totin’ the AK Back in my dreams It’s never what ever it seems Chopper to his face, yeah that’s a scary cat Pull […]

A Guide to Red Wine : Types of Red Wine: Hungarian Wines

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Hello my name is Mihaly Fabok, we are here on behalf of Expert Village. I would like to tell you very important things about Hungarian wines. The quality-the quality of the Hungarian wine improved a lot since the 1990’s. And now we have more than 400 wineries around Hungary. And they are really focusing on […]

How To Make Half-Pound Beef Burgers with Drunken Red Onion Jam By Rachael

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Today, I’m gonna show you guys a burger that’s got bacon. The burgers themselves are half-pound burgers, but the star of this burger is a fabulous condiment that keeps for weeks in the fridge and tastes great on sandwiches, too. It’s a drunken red onion jam. If you grow up working in restaurants, the only […]