Using the Grignard Reaction to Make Tertiary alcohols

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Warning: Alkyl halides are carcinogenic. Magnesium is a reactive flammable metal. Diethyl ether is volatile and highly flammable. Wear gloves and work outside or in a fume hood. Fire safety protocols must be in place. Greetings fellow nerds. Carbon is the backbone of organic chemistry and finding ways to connect carbon to carbon is a […]

Double Date & Wine Tasting | Engaged

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– Guys, tonight is date night! – Date night! – I have two of our very favorite people in the whole world with us, my best friend Kathryn and her amazing husband Mitchell. – And his mustache. – We wanted to hangout with you guys and be with them because not only are we doing […]

How to Make a Kisses & Wish Box : Kisses & Wish Box: Add Glitter

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Step ten. To make our container just a little more special, I’m going to add some red glitter glue. I love this stuff. It’s so much fun and it’s a lot easier than the old fashioned method of drawing it on with the glue, whatever design you’re going to draw on and then sprinkling the […]

Is The Vampire Breast Lift The New Boob Job? | HOOKED ON THE LOOK

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GEORGE LIAKEAS: This is not your needle. ARIELLE: Okay. GEORGE LIAKEAS: The hope is that the body will bring new tissue, more blood, more vibrancy and correct whatever area needs to be corrected. ARIELLE: This is so weird. ARIELLE: You might have heard of Botox, breast-implants and the Brazilian butt lift. Now, there is a […]

Top 10 Weirdest Japanese Snacks and Drinks — TopTenzNet

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Top 10 Weirdest Japanese Snacks and Drinks 10. Candy Squid When you are living on an island, it’s natural that most of your daily diet will come from the sea, and the Japanese have proven over the years that if it swims, they will eat it without exception. This is the nation that willingly eats […]

Decreasing Sugar-Sweetened Beverages

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(music)NARRATOR: Just a few decades ago,Texas was a different place.The food we ate was grown in our own communities.Today, we’re moving less and eating more.Nearly one in three Texans are obese, and obesity has becomea leading cause of death in America.But Texans are bringing healthy back.Across the state, communities are being reshaped to supportand transform […]

Episodio #1745 La verdad sobre el alcohol

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Chalmers Reserve Event Wine – SNL

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Bottle Rocket 5piece Beer Kit

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Yo, wanna go to Paris?! Let’s go to Paris. I’m gonna show you my day and then we’re gonna have an apéritif, and it’s gonna be awesome. I just got to Paris, took the Eurostar in, and now, when I come to Paris I have a checklist of things that I’ve got to do. First […]