Alcohol Ink & Glitter Ornaments

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– [Jennifer] Hello and welcome once again. This is Jennifer McGuire. Today, I’m not sharing cards, but instead, showing how you can use your crafting supplies to create ornaments. I’ll be doing both alcohol ink ornaments, and glitter ornaments, and will even have a few examples where you can combine the two. Now, I just […]

No alcohol allowed: Teens lead the fight against alcoholism in Saskatchewan | Sober House

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We’re just a group of teenagers from a high school. We never thought we were going to get this far. Ayla: We got this. This is going places. This is going to do something. It’s going to make a change. Paywapin: Like, we tell our stories, and they listen and they think about it. Who […]

LemonAid : Organic and fair trade soft drinks !

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Hi everyone ! Today I’m with Arthur from LemonAid. Hi. Can you tell us what’s in this bottle ? In this LemonAid and Charitea bottle, there is a social project We’re a foundation and we support industries in south regions for their development projects We decide to self-financing ourselves by the selling of our drinks. […]

Lose up to 10 kg (22 lb) by ditching your soft drink or soda pop – sugar shocker

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In Australia, on average, at least 110 L of soft drink is drunk per person per year. In the USA, each person guzzles 46 gallons or a massive 174 L per year. One of the biggest sources of sugar in the human diet is soft drink, soda pop, and fizzy drinks. 1 can of soft […]


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Hey guys it’s me Sylvia Back with another video and this weekend I’m gonna be vlogging the entire Weekend cuz it’s a very exciting weekend It’s New Year’s Eve weekend. Charlie and I are going To Toronto with a bunch of our friends And we’re staying in an Air B&B It’s gonna be a lot […]

2014 Porsche 911 Carrera 4s Test Drive with Dustin Troyan

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January, Southern California, top is down. New 911 Convertible. Let’s head to Malibu and grab a coffee or an iced tea. Sounds good. OK, let’s do it. You know, I’m a car guy. I live and breathe– I love cars. New cars, old cars, projects– I just love cars. Anything that takes gasoline, 4x4s, you […]

Fructomat beverage dispenser explained

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The revolution of drink dispense, made in Austria. Benefit from the many advantages FRUCTOMAT stands for innovation, quality and maximum efficiency. Its attributes are incomparable. Our philosophy is to work with drink and juice concentrates allowing logisitics savings and maximum efficiency for you. FRUCTOMAT is the number one in Europe, established in 25 countries worldwide […]

Who Drinks What: Global Beverage Trends

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I’m Gabe Garza with today’s health news. When it comes to nonalcoholic beverage consumption, it looks like there’s a lot of room for diversity. A new study from Tufts University analyzed beverage preferences in countries around the world and found significant differences in consumption based on age, sex and location. Different beverages impact peoples health […]

Alcohol Effects on the Developing Brain (

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In this module you will develop an understanding of; the effects of alcohol on the developing fetus, how these alcohol effects may impact learning and behaviour and certain relevant facts about alcohol and prevention of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder or FASD. During the nine months of pregnancy alcohol crosses the placenta freely and causes damage […]

Personalized Treatment for Alcohol Addiction – Markus Heilig, NIH Clinician Scientist

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>>So alcohol addiction is one of the greatest public health problems we have. It’s the third most common cause of preventable death in the U.S. We have some options for treating patients with alcohol addiction, but they are very limited in what they can do. So what we are about here is try to understand […]