So Much to Drink About

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Action Bronson Drinks Through Rural France – From Paris with Love (Part 3)

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iPhone 11 Durability Test! – is the ‘cheap’ iPhone different?

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The cheapest of the 3 iPhones released this year, the normal iPhone 11, is different enough that it warrants it’s own durability test video. You do save $300 by not buying the $1000 iPhone 11 Pro. And today we’re going to find out what we lose from that price drop. But let’s be real, all […]

What Makes Blue-Green Algae Dangerous?—Speaking of Chemistry

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Pond scum, blue-green algae, cyanobacteria. You’ve probably seen this pesky, greenish stuff floating on lakes and ponds. It’s usually just a nuisance, but it can release all sorts of deadly poisons into the environment. A small amount of cyanobacteria isn’t necessarily anything to worry about, but when conditions are right, the bacteria reproduce uncontrollably into […]

Is Drinking Actually Bad for You?

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In America, 70% of people over the age of 18 drink at least once a year, and just over half regularly drink each month. As with everything that makes us feel good, whether it’s alcohol, marijuana, or that last slice of cake, everyone at some point in their lives stops and wonders if what they […]

Life After Losing My Son To Suicide | Alcohol and Coping

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Hey, it’s Rachel and I am sitting in my pig room I was that ass last night At home I had too much to drink Which is really stupid because Isaiah was drinking when he made his choice I come from my family if alcoholic said, I’m sorry You could exclude you and talk about […]

Minnesota Monthly’s Annual Food & Wine Experience: Trends in wine

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The WINE LOVER’s Loire Valley Guide! – Finding the Source of Cabernet Franc & Chenin Blanc! (France)

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…there I tasted a vertical line up of wines going back all the way to 1911 yes a 109-year-old wine, an absolutely incredible experience I will tell you a lot more in just a minute. What is up guys? This is Julien the French winemaking a who makes one videos here on YouTube is here […]

Peter Can’t Pay For His Beer | Season 18 Ep. 12 | FAMILY GUY

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Best Beer Cities in the World | MojoTravels

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Whether you like a hoppy ale, a smooth lager, or a hearty stout the world has endless possibilities when it comes to beer! Welcome to MojoTravels and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the top ten beer cities in the world are you a fan of our videos be sure to subscribe to […]