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Histamines in Wine: Everything You Need To Know

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What are histamines in wine? Researching this topic was fascinating. Let me share with you everything I have found out about histamines in wine. And stick around till the end for a bonus tip that will help you counter a moderate sensitivity to histamines, without medication. Hey Tasters! This is Annabelle McVine. Welcome to the […]

Michel Chapoutier’s Hermitage Rhône Wines | Episode #26

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What is up guys? Julien Miquel here of Social Vignerons. Welcome back to another wine video. Today is a rare and exciting tasting as I will be reviewing, arguably, some of the best wines from the Rhone Valley of France. This is episode 26 of the Tasting with Julien series… Yes! We are continuing our […]

Trying Terrible Drink Combinations – Ready Set Show

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JEREMY: Went kinda nuts with the colors on this one. Really wanted to sell the weirdness of it. Very weird place in nature. TREVOR: Weeiiird! That was my cardio for the day. JEREMY: That was it? That was good man. TREVOR: My calves are ripped! JEREMY: Well, I’m at 9 million steps and animated weirdly. […]

Grandparents & Grandkids Play Truth or Drink (Teanna & Dwight) | Truth or Drink | Cut

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– I’m a giver when it comes to her. She gets more than anybody, and I’m talking about– she call me, Pop pop, I need this. – I see your account has $3.25, so I moved you some money. – To who much is given, – Much is required. – Thank you. – I’m 21. […]

This 1,100-Year-Old Beer’s For You: Recreating Ancient Ales

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(mysterious music) (bubbling) – With a lot of ancient cultures, we focus on the kings, the aristocratic elite. But that makes up such a minor percentage of the population, I want to know what I would have been drinking if I went into a pub 1100 years ago. My name is Travis Rupp. I make […]

Best Friends Spill the Tea (LaurDIY & Mia Sayoko) | Truth or Drink | Cut

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– What would it take for us to have sex? – Two mil. – Anyone wanna pay? – [Man] Hi. – Hello. – Hey boy. – [Man] Who are you guys? – Best friends. (they laugh) – I’m LaurDIY. Hey guys, what’s up, it’s Lauren, and welcome back to my channel. – And I’m Mia […]

Sunset + Cloudy Water / MOST BEAUTIFUL DRINK EVER. 🌅😍

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Hey guys, so, I just kind of recorded this entire thing and my camera didn’t record it. So now, I’m kind of afraid it’s gonna do that again. Hopefully it doesn’t. Buuuuuut let’s pretend that I didn’t do this already. What’s soup everyone, it is Krist, and today, I’m making the two most beautiful drinks […]

LIFESTRAW CHALLENGE: Drinking Pee, Backwash & More!

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Me and My Mother-In-Law Play Truth or Drink | Truth or Drink | Cut

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– Would you ever forgive me if I cheated on your son Jimmy? – I would hurt you. (both laugh) – You all heard it. (classical music) – I am Deashia. – And I’m Eileen, the mother-in-law. – I did. (laughs) Why did you agreed to come? – I didn’t even know what I was […]