‘If I Owed $300,000, I’d Learn to Make a Drink’ 😱 Bar Rescue S7 Sneak Peek

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Aren’t they all supposed to be one color? One side shouldn’t be darker than the other, now should it, Chef? That could be the frostbit part of the chicken burning quicker than the rest of the bird. Jon, just looking at this, there’s not a leader. There’s not a manager. There’s nobody teaching them. This […]

Why Boss Yang didn’t eat and drink for 12 hours [SUB : ENG/2020.03.15]

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(Boss Yang’s muscle house) (Fitness center is busy as usual) They’re always busy. (Newbies are the busiest) Newbie, come over here. (No response) (Looking away) They’re all ignoring him. (Who was he speaking to?) (A new person put to work?) – Put those there and follow me. / – Sure. Is he a new employee? […]

Wine Pairs with Adventure. Wine pairs with Portugal.

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Do you ever gaze at the shape of a wave? And at the shape of a grape? They are both waiting for us to shape them into something we love. If we look at things with the eyes of curiosity, wine pairs with adventure. WINE PAIRS WITH PORTUGAL

Why millennials are increasingly choosing an alcohol-free lifestyle

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JUDY WOODRUFF: And finally tonight: a budding movement that suggests changes in millennials’ relationship with alcohol. Hari Sreenivasan has our story from New York. HARI SREENIVASAN: New York City, Times Square. This party started just before sunrise. For more than five years, Daybreaker has hosted these early morning events around the world. People come out […]

Signs & Symptoms of Urinary Tract Infections | Dr Sudeep Singh Sachdeva

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Beer brewing done right with Alfa Laval

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The world of beer used to be simple. There were only a few brands and not a great choice of flavour. But all that has changed – dramatically. Today’s beer drinkers have newer, higher expectations. They are more selective. And they’re looking for a whole new level of variety and quality. The changes represent new […]

Part 1 – How to Keep a Beer Keg Properly Carbonated – Balance a Keg for the Perfect Pour

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Beverage Factory.com keg balancing tip While an unbalanced keg may pour just fine initially, it may lead to over-carbonation or under-carbonation by the end of the keg. Here is a quick industry trick on setting your output pressure to ensure your fresh keg remains perfectly balanced for the life of the keg. Start by setting […]

How to make Saffron Drink by ice | The most expensive organic drink!

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How to make Saffron Drink by ice | The most expensive organic drink! Prepare your ingredients: Saffron threads, Honey, Ice cube, Water Pure Saffron | 0.1 gram Grind the Crocus Sativus Our Saffron Powder is ready 2 pcs Ice cube Pour the Saffron powder on the ices Wait about 5 minutes Water 3/4 glass 1 […]


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Hey guys, welcome back to my channel today’s video is… what is it?.. A ‘Song Association Challenge’ Yes, so basically we’ve written down word seven each and we’ve put it in the bowl Whatever word you pick you have to sing a song in five seconds. You have to come up. No, no ten seconds […]

Hey! Grab a Beer with Me. Let’s just Chill a Minute..

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team hello listen welcome my name’s Callum from DX Commander I’ve got no answers for you tonight this is just me having some fun sharing some times with you okay so let’s get started don’t we know I’m saying tonight because I was gonna do by another structured video with the antenna modeling and everything […]