Sweet and Spicy Red Cabbage Recipe

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Hello and welcome to Freshly Served, the healthy vegan cooking show. Iím Heather and tonight weíre gonna do a red wine cabbage. Now when cabbage starts to go on sale in cabbage season, you can easily get sick of coleslaw so what Iím gonna show you is a way to bring some really nice flavor […]

Beer & Wine Pairings for your Thanksgiving Feast!

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Hi, I’m Chef David Mills, I’m the culinary instructor at Harrisburg area community college. I teach the culinary arts classes and some of the brewing science classes. I’m partnering with GIANT today to teach you how to pair beer and wine with your Thanksgiving dinner. First we’re going talk about white wines. The first one […]

Tekelci Dayı Ses Analizi (Bomba Gibi Performans) 💣💣💣

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Pekii . Devam edelim. Merhaba hocam. Tekelci bir dayımız var Ertürk Zeynel Ama sesi çok hoşuma gidiyor Rica etsem ses analizi yapar mısınız çok sevinirim . 🙂 Tekelci dayı Hadi bakalım Allahım neler göreceğim Hadi bakalım 🙂 Şimdii bakalım neler var buralarda Şarkı bomba Yerinde Hicaz, Hadi bi bakalım şöye bi inceleyelim Tekelci dayımızın sesini […]

Malt Liquor & Hip-Hop | Thrillist Investigates The Sleazy and Spectacular History of Malt Liquor

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Welcome to the ’90s. Hip-hop is a genre on the rise and a marketing goldmine just waiting to be tapped. From sneaker brands to soda manufacturers, everyone wants a piece. Including malt liquor, a high-powered booze with a checkered past, looking for the hook up. From Wu Tang to Snoop Dogg, the most iconic emcees […]

Valeska Soares: Material / Immaterial | Art21

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–Javier, if you can come over here as well we can all see this together. –So these are the ones that I want you to work with today. [JAVIER] –Okay. [SOARES] –Just lean it here. –Lean it here, like this. –And then turn it around. –That’s going to be tricky, Javier, because that is really, […]

What is Shochu and Why Do Japanese Love It? | School of Spirits

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All right, the first rule of shochu is you do not talk about shochu. Okay, that’s not going to work. Let’s try this again. The first rule of shochu is it’s not sake or Japanese vodka, so don’t get it twisted. Shochu is a distilled Japanese liquor that can be made from sweet potato, imo, […]

ASMR – サーロインステーキ 赤ワインソース/牛肉の低温調理;Sirloin Steak With Red Wine Sauce Sous Vide

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Sirloin Steak With Red Wine And Lea & Perrins Sauce Sous Vide Settings of BONIQ Sous Vide Cooker and Ingredients for 2 – See the description. Set BONIQ to 55℃ for 40 mins. Cut the strings of beef sirloin stakes with a knife. So it will not shrink or get warped while cooking. Season both […]

KAROL G, Damian “Jr. Gong” Marley – Love With A Quality

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– LOVE WITH A QUALITY – ♪♪♪ Karol G ♪♪♪ Damian Marley Jr. Gong ♪♪♪ Oo-wee ♪♪♪ hah ♪♪♪ Chao papa ♪♪♪ hahahaha ♪♪♪ Now greetings to the world ♪♪♪ Voice of the one called ♪♪♪ Big Gong-Zilla alongside Karol G ♪♪♪ Oo-wee ♪♪♪ (O-O-Ovy On The Drums) ♪♪♪ ♪No entiendo por qué♪ ♪Tú y […]

糀甘酒生姜ブレンド@Rice Sweet Sake Ginger Blend

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画面右下の「歯車」マークから「自動翻訳」を押してください 暑い夏にAyChannel 暑い夏に 特集です え。いつもご視聴ありがとうございます アロハのグリーンの部分が抜けないかと心配なんですけど 皆様が最近アロハを着てるんで 私もちょっとアロハを着てみようと思いました 私はアロハが大好きなんですよね 模様が綺麗で楽しめるじゃないですか なので私はアロハが大好きなんです おっと 今日は。しまった。試そうと思ってたことがあるんです 少々、お待ちください お待たせしました 暑いのでね。また ブーブー(換気扇)回してました 音が気になるって 視聴者さんに言われたのに また今日 回してましたね 今日はこれ 無線にしたんですよ 携帯屋のおにいさんにね 無線あるよって言われたので これだと、あのー 無線のマイクなのでいいですよって言われたんですよ これがちやう。。。どうするんだ? 耳に突っ込まないと 耳に突っ込めばいいんですよね そうするとマイクにもなる 耳に突っ込みました 送信できてますか?ー わからないんですよね、これ。 音がこっちへ戻って来ないので でも多分送信できてるんじゃないかと思います 音良くなりましたか? えーと。これだったら 安心して食べレポも外出して頑張って ちゃんと音が入ってるんだったら、いいなと思っています では、もう一つ 今日は商品紹介です よいしょ どうやって開ける? よっこいしょー 開封動画ー てい よいしょ これさ。この前 甘酒特集をするって言ったんですけど、まだ 比較しようと思ってる んですけど 今日また甘酒買ってしまいました 甘酒生姜ブレンドです えっと。この前 […]

What are antibubbles?

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DIANNA COWERN: This episode is sponsored by audible. Welcome to the science. Have you seen this experiment before, with the milk and the food coloring? And then you put some dish soap on the end of a Q-tip, and you dip it in the middle of the liquid to get this awesome experiment. This is […]