Yarra Valley Wine Tours from Melbourne by The Limo Wine Tour Company

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Hey Guys, I am Stephanie Rayner, and today we are going to experience a Limo Wine Yarra Valley Winery Tour. The Yarra Valley Victoria Australia is located 1 hour drive to the North East of Melbourne. Now Throughout the day we will be travelling to 3 or 4 award winning wineries. Acacia Ridge Ainsworth Estate […]

I’m baaack!

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Hi! Kaiser also says hello, but he’s shy. (Talking to Kaiser: Thank You!) So you might have noticed that I stopped making videos because really fun, I spilled a glass of wine on my computer and ruined it, during a livestream. Classically me! But the good news is, I’m baaack! I am back and I’m […]

PUGLIA, ITALY: Why you must visit & the BEST PASTICCIOTTO in LECCE

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Hi, friends! So one of the best things about living in London is its proximity to all of the other incredible places there are to visit in Europe! I’ve got friends in Italy, so I found myself twice there already, hanging with Maria and Nicola, and of course Connor, in the north of Italy, in […]

Meanwhile at Clongowes… (Soft Drink?)

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Guys please can I have your attention cause I’m only gonna nip around the Punto once right that is three snack boxes we’ve got two cod and chips we’ve got em breakfast rolls if they have them Maria so random you bloody balance right as well as that oh she made you want a soft […]

What If You Only Drank Coke (Soda) and Nothing Else?

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Most of us humans have a sweet tooth, but it wasn’t always that way. In the 18th century, the British were refining large amounts of sugar but it was still considered quite the luxury item. In fact, it was known as “White Gold” and it was so precious and expensive that only the very wealthy […]

2015 TBA Australian Micro Business of the Year Award – Nexba Beverages

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Wow, we, um…It sounds very cliched,but we genuinely did not expect this tonight.We’re extremely humbled to receive this award and we…I actually feel a little disappointed,not because we won the award, but because I feel likeevery person that was…or every company that was nominatedfor this award deserves to be up here tonight.Which probably brings me […]

If you have been prescribed Lexapro or considering taking watch this video from a real Lexapro user.

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How to Cure Hemorrhoids : Drinking Beverages & Relieving Hemorrhoid Symptoms

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Hello, my name is Dr. Susan Jewell. And on behalf of Expert Village today, I’m going to talk to you about the topic of hemorrhoids. Now, in this particular clip we’re going to talk about the ways to decrease the signs and symptoms of hemorrhoids by the type of beverages that you drink. Now here […]

Insignia 115 Can Beer and Beverage Cooler Mini Fridge

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look alive right now we’re just going to do is talk about talk about this the frigerator real quick that’s why make sure everything is all instinct and everything okay I wish I had a no vacation there goes it’s live now okay hey welcome to Rm wraps my name is Randy Miller and today […]

Kadena International Wine Fest 2018 Teaser

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(laughs) – Lizzy, listen to this. Are you loved, for sure, not maybe? I’m so thrilled to call you baby. Who’s my honey, clearly you. And I’m so happy you’re my boo. – You’re my boo, all right. (laughs) You need some wine with that cheese, my goodness. – I would, actually. Cheers to that. […]