The Wines of Sherry

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(peaceful Spanish music)>>(narrator) The wines grown and produced near the town of Jerez in southern Spain are among the most iconic, stylistically diverse, and misunderstood of the world’s gastronomic treasures. (lively Spanish music) Centuries of experimentation have forged a wine that is a perfect harmony of nature and man-made process. (lively Spanish music)>>(with Spanish accent) […]

Primitive Technology: Pit and chimney furnace

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demolishing old furnace digging pit grate bars chimney tunnel Door brick Building chimney 2 m tall chimney Making charcoal Un burnt wood can be used in next batch Useable charcoal (burns hotter than ordinary wood) iron bacteria making wood ash (lowers melting point of ore) ore charcoal powder and wood ash mixed inot a cylinder […]

Eagles – Hotel California (Lyrics)

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[Hotel California – The Eagles, 1976] On a dark desert highway Cool wind in my hair Warm smell of colitas Rising up through the air Up ahead in the distance I saw a shimmering light My head grew heavy and my sight grew dim I had to stop for the night There she stood in […]

Stellenbosch Wine Tour in South Africa

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So we have a fun day planned today. We’re actually doing a wine tour around Stellenbosch so we’re just going to be driving through the countryside sipping on wine. Let’s get started. And eating cheese. So we’re pairing some white wines with cheese. I don’t know which one I’m more excited about. I think maybe […]

Wine Tasting Tips : Meniscus in Wine Tasting

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One of the things that is very interesting to look for in a glass of wine is the wine’s meniscus. You might have heard the term meniscus before; especially if you’ve ever studied chemistry, or if you’ve ever had a problem with your knee. Chemistry and also Anatomy use the term meniscus, and in both […]

How I broke a wine glass with my VOICE (using science!)

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Thanks to for supporting PBS Digital Studios. Hey-yo. It’s Dianna, and you’re watching Physics Girl. Let’s just get right to it. Is there like a note, like ooo or aaah? MIKE BOYD: Yeah, I think a [HIGH PITCH NOTE] an E. E is the best note. So try not to touch your lips on […]

Pevino – Wine fridge (english)

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At PeVino we are proud of the timeless classical Danish Design of our wine-cabinets. The high quality in the details. The elegance and functionality speak for it-self. Our cabinets have a simple elegant front door, with a black, white or stainless steel frame The single-zone cabinets are perfect for storage over time at a given […]

All About Orange Wines!

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Hello Tippler Nation! Today we have a special treat. We are being joined by Jenny Eagleton of the Punchdown here in Oakland California to talk about one of our favorite topics, orange wine in one of our all-time favorite wine bars, stay tuned. We are thrilled to be here and I’m thrilled to talk to […]

Wine 101: What is Orange Wine?

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Okay, well firstly, orange wine has got nothing to do with oranges. It’s a wine made with white wine grapes but made in a red wine style, so you end up with all this extra texture and it’s fermented on skins. Now, why is it fermented on skins? because it gives the wine heaps more […]

Local Craft Spirits | Tower Beer Wine & Spirits | Atlanta Eats

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Shaken, stirred, or served straight up! Atlanta’s drink scene is on fire. We’re showing you where to go and what to order with exclusives from the experts behind the bar. Cheers, this is Atlanta drinks. Been in business since 1948. We’re still family owned. We have 100 employees, and there’s only two stores. We’re one […]