Dr. Michael Greger: “How Not To Die” | Talks at Google

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[APPLAUSE] MICHAEL GREGER: Thank you. For those of you unfamiliar with my work, every year I read through every issue of every English language nutrition journal in the world so busy folks like you don’t have to. So every year my presentations are new because every year the science is new. I think probably the […]

Magnetic water Health treatment II चुम्बकीय पानी बनाने की विधि और गुण II

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Hello, I am Dr. Bharti Chunnibhai Bhatt. Today we will talk about magnet water don’t put it on the floor Now, i am telling you the process of making magnet water. Currant releases by magnet is passed by the water. Drinking this water helps digestive system to work good as well as beneficial in blood […]


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We’re going to be trying to drink ten litres of Diet Coke between us.Oh, hey guys. Didn’t see you there! DAD: Weirdo! MORGAN: Hello guys and today, we are joined with… DAD: Morgz’s Dad. MORGAN: …Who, just for the record, is under the influence of alcohol right now. DAD: No, no, no, no, no, no. […]

Why I Usually Don’t Order Drinks at Restaurants

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Hi, it’s Alex! It’s been a while since I recorded a new video, and the main reason for this is that my camera broke, which is kind of unfortunate. But the good news is I got a new, spiffier camera, so hopefully my videos will be higher-quality now. There have been a lot of kind […]

LITTLE BIG – I’M OK (ПАРОДІЯ) (за участю Ільїча)

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Обязательно до смотри это видео до конца Там тебя ждет сюрприз Каждое мгновение, день за днем В светлое будущее идем Шутку заменил нам мем, и боимся все глютен Гоу к нам на вписку – будет чил! Кто б их говорить научил… В руке милк-шейк, во рту вейп, в эирподсах Бейби Тейп Экспонат для девушек, модный […]

Two Minute Tip – Make Amazing Backgrounds With Markers in a Way You Never Dreamed Of!

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today’s crafting with arteza is another two minutes or thereabouts tip for you and I’ve jam-packed you it some extra sub tips and I think you’ll really like this one because I’ll be showing you a new way to approach alcohol markers and not for coloring actually we’re gonna be using them to create some […]

Selvol Polyvinyl Alcohol Solution Preparation Guidelines

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Sekisui Specialty Chemicals has been producing high quality polyvinyl alcohol polymers and copolymers since1959. Selvol Polyvinyl Alcohol is both a non-toxic and environmentally friendly water-soluble polymer. Selvol PVOH is produced at one of Sekisui’s three ISO certified manufacturing plants and is distributed to global customers manufacturing products for the paper, adhesives, personal care, oil and […]

Alcohol Education, Prevention and Treatment—Creating a Climate of Trust

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Creating a climate of trust so that people feel safe in going to counselors and going to sources of authority, going to treatment centers, because all of these systems don’t work if people don’t trust them. And how do you do that, in all the research you’ve done what does it tell you about that […]

More Easy Alcohol Ink Backgrounds

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– [Jennifer] Well hello, and welcome back. This is Jennifer McGuire. A few weeks ago, I shared a video showing how to use alcohol inks in a creative way to make very quick and easy colorful backgrounds. I’ll link to that video here if you missed it. Well, I got a lot of requests for […]

Anuel AA, Daddy Yankee, Karol G, Ozuna & J Balvin – China (Video Oficial)

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(Honey came in and she caught me red-handed Creeping with the girl next door) (My wife was calling me) D.Y. (Oh oh oh) Di-Di-Di-Daddy With you perreando Ozuna My wife was phoning me but I didn’t answer (Uah, baby) Because I was perreando with you and I forgot about her (Mami) My God forgive me […]