The Story of Bottled Water

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This is a story about a world obsessed with stuff. It’s a story about a system in crisis. We’re trashing the planet. We’re trashing each other. And we’re not even having fun. The good thing is that when we start to understand the system, we start to see lots of places to step in and […]

Intermittent Fasting: Why and How I Cut Out Sugary Drinks

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in order to make intermittent fasting easier I cut out sugary drinks in today’s video I’m gonna talk about why and how that worked so intermittent fasting when you are in your fasting window sugary drinks are a definite no-no like you can’t do that because it raises your blood sugar and basically it breaks […]

How to Be a Good Waiter : How to Refill Customer Drinks as a Waiter

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Hi! My name is Leslie Moselle and we’re here at Mickey Quinn’s in Seminole, Florida and on behalf of Expert Village, this is how to be a successful server. When you’re running around like a chicken with their head cut off, when you’re waiting tables and you’re getting really busy, one of the most important […]

Matcha White Chocolate Latte (Hot Beverage Recipe)【ホッと一息】抹茶ホワイトチョコレートラッテを作りました

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hey guys today we’re combining two of my favorite ingredients to create a comforting and delicious beverage today we’re making matzo white chocolate lattes let’s get started actually this tastes better than I expected ah it’s wonderful I do have a tip for you guys when making this macho white chocolate quality does matter so […]


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Wine Tasting Goes Sour When Evelyn & OG Argue! | Basketball Wives

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(intensifying hip-hop music) – What Shaunie brought up about latch key or whatever the case was, I didn’t say that (beep). – Oh okay, so I’m still a liar. – Oh, so we’re right back at square one. I knew it wasn’t authentic, I felt it when we were taking the (beep) pictures. And now […]

Why Every Year Feels Shorter Than the Last

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If you’re thinking about time while you’re in the movie or at a party, it’s because maybe you’re bored. You’re pulled out of the experience. Right. And you’re checking your watch. That’s why it’s a thing you’re not supposed to do is check your watch during the middle of a conversation. So I’ve gotten reader […]

A Quick Chat with Mike Farmilo & Nathan Hughes of Willunga 100

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…was probably turning up to Brokenwood in 2009 To not know anything about the wine industry at all being a sommelier, and being told it was probably time to work out how to make it rather than just pour it. So turning up, sight unseen, not knowing anything about, really, production at all and being […]

Change Telangana Liquor Policy | Don’t allow wine shops near Bus stops – Narasimha Donthineni

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To not miss more such videos Subscribe to our channel and click the bell symbol Hello, everyone My name is Donthineni Narasimha. Today, I’m here to discuss an important public issue and that is Allowing wine shops to run near the bus stops and railway stations has becomes a huge nuisance Firstly, due to this […]

What Happens When You Eat Too Much?

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Thanksgiving dinner: turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, some more turkey, cranberry sauce, even more turkey? uhhh… [Turkey walks across screen.] Still have room for that pie? For now, unbutton your eating pants, flop on the couch and let’s learn why you feel so full after a big meal. [Reactions intro] Part of the reason is physical. […]