Why Does Alcohol Burn When You Drink It?

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If you’ve ever tasted anything with alcohol in it, you know that it can burn on the way down. In the extreme — like, if you down a shot of everclear or something — it might even feel like your mouth and throat are being scalded. Maybe your eyes start watering, and your nose starts […]

No place for drugs and alcohol

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♪ (Music Playing) ♪ G’day. I’m Jonno. I’m a carpenter and I love my job. I’ve worked pretty hard to get where I am, and things are going pretty good right now. And I want to keep it that way by keeping my workplace safe. If you come on to this work site under the […]

Alcohol – Do’s and don’ts | Drugslab

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Alcohol is the most consumed drug in Western society. It’s socially accepted and everyone comes into contact with it. But if you’re about to drink your first glass, at least keep the do’s and don’ts in mind. Drink one glass of water per alcoholic drink and rest well before and after. And take extra vitamin […]

People Try Alcohol-Infused Gummies

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– Can I have more of the tequila ones? (laughing) That’s my final thought. – Yeah, are we allowed to eat more? – We are here to taste test some different gummies and the alcohol that it may or may not taste like. – I like gummy candy, because it is delicious, and it’s the […]

Antoni Porowski, Bella Twins bring latkes, laughs to USA TODAY Wine & Food Experience in NYC

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CLOSE Brie and Nikki are featured guests on the 10-city USA TODAY Wine & Food Experience tour USA TODAYNEW YORK — For Antoni Porowski, the corgi obsession is very real  The “Queer Eye” dreamboat went viral this summer with an adorable video of him losing it over the little dogs His gushing continued during a cooking […]

Braised Prawns: Ginger, green onion, soy sauce, wine, sugar, white peppers + 6 minutes! That’s it!

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Hello Everyone, It’s Ms Shi again! To make braised prawns, we will only need: 2 tbsp of soy sauce, 1 tbsp of sugar, 5 tbsp of cooking wine, 0.5 tsp of white pepper, 2 green onions, about 20 grams of ginger slices, and 1 lb of prawns. That’s it! Cut off the eyes part and […]

Claude François, Journaliste luxembourgeois et importateur de vins — Paroles de Passionnés

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In Luxembourg, Saint-Emilion wines have been known for ages, decades… there are firm Saint-Emilion wines enthusiasts, who prefer Merlot to other cépages, they are more supple, and they have a lot of wines in their cellars. They do exist, I wouldn’t say they are collectors, but they are ferocious and regular enthusiasts. My father always […]


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I’m Sam with Monterey Wine Tours. I’m the owner, operator. And we’re here today to take some folks out on a wine tour. We’re going to go out to three vineyards. Out of the River Road Trail. So let’s get this party started and have a great time. -Hi.- -Hi.- Sam with Monterey Guide Wine […]

Top 10 Amazing Benefits Of Drinking Beer || బీరు వల్ల ఇన్ని లాభాలు ఉన్నయా! | With Subtitles

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Hi, friends! Welcome to TFC Media Planet Leaf… Few drunkards say that the one who does not drink alcohol is equal to a bull. Many people who got connected with this word, will be drinking alcohol bottle after the bottle. As the coming season is summer, all the drunkards would like to have beer mostly. […]

How to Recognize the Symptoms of Liver Disease

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How to Recognize the Symptoms of Liver Disease. Liver disease is a broad term for conditions, diseases, or infections that can make the liver function improperly or stop liver function altogether. Use this guide to help recognize the symptoms. You will need Jaundice Loss of appetite Nausea Changes in weight Vomiting Diarrhea Light-colored stool Dark […]