Healthy Eating Tips : Healthy Eating & Beverages

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Well, moving along we’re going to talk about beverages now. The most important beverage being water. And most of you have heard of the eight by eight recommendation. Eight glasses of eight ounces of water per day. That’s pretty much a rough guide. How much water you drink really depends on a lot of things. […]

Best Alcoholic Beverages for People with GERD

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Best alcoholic beverages for people with GERD overview gastro esophageal reflux disease GERD is a chronic medical condition that’s caused by the inability of the lower part of Esophagus to function properly as a result the acid and contents from your stomach back up repeatedly Irritating the more delicate tissue of the esophagus this results […]

We Tried Hard Alcohol Seltzers • Ladylike

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Celebrity Alcohol vs Cheap Alcohol Taste Test

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Craft Beverage Training in North Carolina

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background crowd noise sound of liquid pouring in a glass background crowd noise uptempo music uptempo music uptempo music North Carolina is home to great people great places, great arts, education, innovation, climate, industry, sports…. In many ways it’s an ideal place to live, work, and play and it’s getting even better. North Carolina is […]

3 On 3: Garretsville woman puts together ‘unicorn’ inspired beverage in Coca-Cola freestyle competit

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Drinking in Germany: Legal limits (and one weird tradition)

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As Carnival season approaches its climax — or, depending on when you see this video, Oktoberfest is just around the corner, or some festival is just coming up — a lot of Germans will want to drink a lot of alchohol, and a lot of visitors to Germany will want to join in. And so, […]

Superbad (3/8) Movie CLIP – McLovin Buys Booze (2007) HD

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Hello, Mindy I love that stuff, been drinking that for years You know, I heard they recently decided to add more hops to it Um okay, I’m gonna need to see some identification Really? Makes me feel young again Oh shit it’s Carrie Hutchins She had the biggest tits I’ve ever seen I think Yeah […]

Classic Beverage – Hamptons Beverage Distribution Center

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Hello everyone my name is Tim and welcome to Classic Neverage. Classic Beverage is located at 175 West Montauk Highway in Hampton Bays and has proudly quenched the thirst of the Hamptons community since 1996. we stock hundreds of different brands of beers with an assortment of soft drinks, teas, waters and other quality beverages. […]

Korean government to ban food and beverages that contain high caffeine from school campuses

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In an effort to encourage children and teenagers to develop healthy eating habits, the Korean government is to ban coffee from all school campuses. Korea’s Ministry of Food and Drug Safety on Thursday announced that partial amendments to the Special Act on Children’s Dietary Life Safety Management passed the National Assembly’s Health and Welfare Committee. […]