What Apple Cider Vinegar Really Does To Your Body

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Benji Jones: Wait, how zoomed-in are you? The internet is good for many things, but providing trusted advice on natural remedies is definitely not one of them, especially when it comes to apple cider vinegar. A quick Google search will show you that people use it for everything from cleaning their teeth to curing yeast […]

How to Pronounce Champagne? French Wine Pronunciation

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This is Julien, the French winemaking guy who makes wine videos here on YouTube. yes, wine videos! We are looking at how to pronounce the name of THE most famous of all sparkling wines in the world. We are looking at how to pronounce the name: Champagne, the French Champagne wine. So, as far as […]


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How do we let the world know that MANCAN is AWESOME wine in a can. I’ve got it! Let’s make a rap video. That’s a terrible idea. Everywhere I go they want to know, What’s in your hand, man? This that brand new stuff that gets you drunk, wine in a can fam. Canned and, […]

How to Assemble a Crathco Beverage Dispenser | eTundra

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Hi, I’m Chris Tavano for Tundra Restaurant Supply. In today’s episode I’m going to show you how to assemble your Crathco beverage dispenser. First thing first is we’re going to put on our bearing sleeve. Very tiny piece, be sure you don’t misplace it. It can easily get lost. Very critical to the operation of […]

Study Wine and Beverage Business Management at George Brown College

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If you love wine and food, Toronto is where you want to be. My favorite thing about Toronto is how diverse it is, how many different restaurants there are and all of the experiences that you could have within different little pockets of the city. A lot of people that are in this industry kind […]

10 Health Risks of Alcohol Use

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10 Health Risks of Alcohol Use transcript This is Alcohol Mastery, my name’s Kevin O’Hara, and today I’m gonna be talking about 10 health risk to alcohol use. This is just a selection from the post 100 health risks of alcohol use, which you can find over on the website – alcoholmastery.com Is alcohol good […]

The Impact of Alcohol and Drugs on Your Health

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Drinking alcohol and using illegal drugs have been listed as leading health indicators for teens. It might not be easy making healthy decisions about alcohol and drugs, especially if friends are pressuring you, if you are curious about trying them, or if you are concerned about fitting into the crowd. It’s important to note, however, […]

Chem& 110 Experiment F – Vitamin C in Beverages Lab Tutorial

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In this lab tutorial for the Vitamin C Titration lab, we’ll start by preparing the samples. Use a piece of cheesecloth to strain any solids from your sample, or use an Erlenmeyer flask and a stopper to remove any carbonation from your sample. Set these aside. Using a pipette and a pipette pump, transfer 10 […]

Sign Language Lessons: Common Phrases : Food & Beverages in Sign Language

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Hello! My name is Melissa and on behalf of Expert Village, today we’re going to be learning some basic signs, words, phrases in sign language. In this clip, we’re going to learn the words eat, water, milk, banana, and cookie. Let’s start off with eat. Eat. Like you’re putting something in your mouth. Eat. Same […]

What Would Happen If You Replaced All Drinks with Water?

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BRIGHT SIDE Nine incredible things that happen when you replace all drinks with water We all know what harmful drinks can cause. obesity, heart problems, stomach pain, skin diseases, caries * sigh * This list sounds so scary, so I don’t want to continue it But what if. what if we completely replace all drinks […]