Italy Vs. California Wine Taste Test

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– California’s known for good wine, and Italy’s known for good wine, so we decided to bring in three Italians and three Californians to settle once and for all, who has the best wine: California or Italy? (upbeat music) (speaking Italian) – Ugh, that is just awful. I’ve never had wine so bad. I’m not, […]

For a Relaxing Time, Make It… Non-Alcoholic Alcohol? | DESUS & MERO | SHOWTIME

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[MUSIC PLAYING] Recently, New York has been covered in ads for an unusual product. NARRATOR: Looking for the real deal in alcohol-free liquor flavored drinks? What? Excuse me, what? Isn’t that just soda? NARRATOR: ArKay beverages serves up non-alcoholic whiskey, vodka, rum, brandy, and more. Be the life of the party with great tasting, non– […]


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Hello, I am AeJeong. Today’s menu is Beef steak & wine. Thank you for the meal♥ Beef is the best Korean beef. The meat is very fresh. Apply the cooking oil to the meat. And sprinkle plenty of salt. Plenty of pepper Bake meat on hot stone plate. Put rosemary on the meat. The aroma […]

2018 Telstra Alumni Achievement Award winner – Nexba Beverages

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The 2018 Telstra Alumni Achievement Award winner is… ..Nexba Beverages. Congratulations! The kings of cool are Drew Bilbe and Troy Douglas. Now, since winning the 2015 Telstra Australian Micro Business Award, Nexba Beverages have expanded their distribution from small independent grocers into major retailers across Australia and are set to launch in the UK with […]

Your Money: Saving on Beverages

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((AARON)) With the hot weather, everyone in my family is reaching for drinks more. It cart with cans and bottles of beverages during the hot summer months. However, the dollars quickly add up at the register too! Here to recruit your family to work towards a savings goal. Is there something fun or special your […]

How to Drink Alcohol on a Cut

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well can I bring for you on this glorious afternoon well Hector here’s the game plan gonna bring us two Absolut martinis you know I like them straight up and then precisely 7 and 1/2 minutes after that you’re gonna bring us 2 more then 2 more after that every 5 minutes until one of […]

Does Canadian Beer Really Contain More Alcohol than Beer Made in the United States?

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Canadians boast longer lives, safer communities, free nationalized healthcare, a cleaner environment, the most gold medals in Olympic hockey, and, of course, poutine. But, contrary to popular belief, one thing they don’t do any different than their friends to the south is make stronger beer. When you’re dealing with mainstream beers, those with the highest […]

Where creativity comes from

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What’s up everyone? My name is Ashley Wylde and welcome to my channel: Ashley’s Wylde Life. *Music* This week and I guess last week, and kind of the last few weeks, I’ve sort of been struggling to pick things to talk about in my videos. And it’s not like, “I don’t know what to talk […]

Here Is Why You Shouldn’t Drink Diet Coke

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Put that diet coke down, it could lead to a heart attack! Hello and welcome back to Inform Overload I am your cover host for the video, Rebecca Felgate and today I am talking about bad vibes from diet food and drinks. Oh! Before we get into this story let me know if you drink […]

NUKE: The Instant CURE FOR BONKING during a Triathlon race or training

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[Narrator] What’s up trainiacs! Today I’m gonna share with you a secret recipe used to help bonking triathletes and cyclists save their legs when they start cramping up, start feeling good, and still need to go on. Includes Coke and others. (fast paced techno music) [Narrator] So, what’s up trainiacs! Very quick video today and […]