How Alcohol Affects Your Body’s Functioning

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Top 10 Wines France is Famous For? The Best French Wine Regions – Part.1

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What is up guys? Julien here, the French one making a who makes wine videos here on YouTube yes wine videos. You all know by now that France is extremely reputable for the quality of its wines I made an entire video dedicated to why French wines are generally speaking so good and about the […]

Napa and Sonoma Wine Tour from San Francisco, California

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POPs on Route 66 | 700 Different Beverage Flavors

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Welcome to K&L! Today we’re going to POPs! Yay! Kate you’re pretty strong. Ya, you gotta tight grip girl. What do you see? Are those pops? Cokes? Sodas? Soda-pop? Bubblies? Okay so since we’re at POPs we’re gonna go pick out our own special drink, I think its like 700 different kind of pops they […]

Energy Efficiency Loan Fund | Beverage Plastics experience of the loan fund

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I’m Mark Brennan engineering manager of Beverage Plastics in Lugan. We’re a manufacture of soft drinks packaging so preforms, bottles, closures. We’re supplying to most of the major companies in Ireland. We applied for an Energy Efficiency loan to purchase a new blowing machine the older machines were inefficient both in output and in energy […]


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We filming So I just asked my wife when are you coming back? I’m thinking of doing a video of pouring the alcohol down the drain. It would be fun if you made an appearance. Oh don’t do that. Maybe I should just do it. I hope she doesn’t freak out. She could. She might […]

Wat doet alcohol met je?

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Anti-Aging Resveratrol | The Health Benefits of Red Wine

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So, I’m here in Sassignac. With my very good friend, Thierry. He is a seventh generation vintner if you can believe that. And he is a wine grower. So, this area which is right next to Bordeaux, is a part of the world where you speak to the vintner, which of course I do, because […]

Uncork the best wines in NYC according to Wine Spectator

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What If You Only Drank Milk?

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Hey there! Welcome to Life Noggin. Oh! How now brown cow! How you doin’? I’m sure we all remember as kids being told to drink our milk so we can grow up big and strong. I think Triangle Bob took that advice a little too seriously! So if it’s so good for us, why not […]