Sugar tax on soft drinks – should NZ follow UK’s lead?

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There’s been renewed calls for NZ to impose a tax on sugary drinks after the UK unveiled a tax on fizzy drinks in its budget today. The sugar tax, of around 50c per litre, is an attempt to combat childhood obesity and could add 17c to the price of soft drink cans from 2018. Health […]

Hygienic solutions from SICK for the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industry | SICK AG

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Hygienic sensor solutions from SICK for the food and beverage as well as the pharmaceutical industry. A competence chain to cover challenging tasks in the areas of Flexible Automation, Safety, Quality Control, and Identification. Flexible Automation ensures detecting and measuring solutions for flexible machine designs. Safety solutions ensure the protection of personnel and machines. Identification […]

how to generate beverages

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Why the US drinking age is 21

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“Michael, welcome to the White House.” This is the 40th president of the United States, Ronald Wilson Reagan, and Michael Joseph Jackson. 1984 Michael Jackson. “For Michael Jackson brings a thrill a minute to his millions of fan.” “We have quite a few young folks in the White House who all wanted me to give […]

Verify: Jacksonville Beach alcohol sale restriction

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How to customise the beverages on your De’Longhi PrimaDonna Elite ECAM 650.55

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Law For Craft Beverages May Expire

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How to Treat Alcohol Poisoning | First Aid Training

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Why 31-Year-Old Says He ‘Drowns’ Himself With Alcohol

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Wyoming Wine – Table Mountain Winery

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– [Announcer] Your support helps us bring you programs you love. Go to, click on Support, and become a sustaining member or an annual member. It’s easy and secure, thank you. (cheerful music) – When you think about wines, vineyards, and the process of making wines you think maybe about Europe or Napa Valley […]