The REAL Cause of Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD)

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Hi guys. Dr. Berg here. In this short video, we’re going to talk about non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. So many people have a fatty liver and it’s not really coming from drinking too much alcohol. There’s other reasons for that. The main reason is insulin resistance. I’m going to explain that. If you haven’t seen […]

MIR’s Tour: “A Taste of Georgia: Wine, Cuisine & Culture” (South Caucasus)

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[Music of Georgian polyphonic singing] Music and mountains are just two reasons why I’m so taken with Georgia. It’s my favorite place in the world and, I think, everything you could wish for in a destination. Georgia has been called an “undiscovered little gem” of a country in the South Caucasus – big on beauty, […]

Meet Wine & Stein | Season 1 Ep. 3 | THE F WORD

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It’s like the perfect day. Wine and Stein is a team of siblings from Boca Raton, Florida, whose menu is inspired by the coastal lifestyle. Let’s catch some lunch. [interposing voices] Beautiful. Older sister Tracey is a workaholic and likes to be in charge. Get that fish out, let’s pad it super dry so we […]

Benefits of Activated Charcoal | Dr. Josh Axe

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Hey guys, Dr. Axe here, founder of and doctor of natural medicine. In this video I’m going to share with you the four main benefits of activated charcoal. Activated charcoal, I think you’re going to be surprised when you hear about these four benefits and how it can be used on a regular basis […]

What If You Stopped Drinking Water?

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Every living organism we know of requires water to survive – it’s part of the reason we look so feverishly for water on other planets across the universe, and consume it consistently every day here on Earth. So what would happen to your body if you stopped drinking water? Of course, when we say ‘water’ […]

Adam Ruins Everything – Why “Moderate Drinking” isn’t Really Good for You | truTV

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The media is constantly telling us that non drinkers actually have higher mortality rates than moderate drinkers. Yeah, see, it’s right on the graph. Well, the problem with studies that show this result is they’re based on some very flawed data. It turns out that if you take a closer look at the cohort of […]

I’m Thirsty! | Drinks Song for Kids | Kindergarten, Preschool & ESL | Fun Kids English

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I’m thirsty! Can I have some milk, please? I’m thirsty! Can I have some milk, please? I’m thirsty! Can I have some milk, please? Gulp, gulp, gulp, gulp. Ahhhhhhh! That’s better! That’s better! That’s better! I’m thirsty! Can I have some juice, please? I’m thirsty! Can I have some juice, please? I’m thirsty! Can I […]

Master Life Sciences (MSc): Food and Beverage Innovation (English version)

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I am doing my Master’s degree at the ZHAW because I really appreciated the personal mentoring I experienced during my Bachelor. How are new ideas introduced into the food sector? That’s a key issue that we explore here in Wädenswil with our students. We offer the only specialised course in food and beverage innovation that […]

Resep Smoothies Mangga Kurma

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2 pc Mangoes 7 pc Dates Cream Yoghurt 7 tbsp Honey 500 ml Milk Ice Cubes

Oxidation of alcohols | Chemical Processes | MCAT | Khan Academy

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Let’s see what happens when you oxidize alcohol. So in the top left here, we’re starting with a primary alcohol. And the carbon that’s attached to the OH group is your alpha carbon. To oxidize an alcohol, you must have alpha hydrogens. You must have hydrogens attached to that alpha carbon in order for the […]