Thanksgiving pairings, starting with the wine

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A Pill to Treat Alcoholism?

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– Alcohol is the most commonly used addictive substance in the U.S. with almost 18 million people suffering from abuse or dependence. It can be obviously extremely difficult to treat. So there’s a treatment method and this treatment method suggests that alcoholics can actually drink themselves sober by taking a drug called Naltrexone while they […]

What would happen if you didn’t sleep? – Claudia Aguirre

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In 1965, 17-year-old high school student, Randy Gardner stayed awake for 264 hours. That’s 11 days to see how he’d cope without sleep. On the second day, his eyes stopped focusing. Next, he lost the ability to identify objects by touch. By day three, Gardner was moody and uncoordinated. At the end of the experiment, […]

7 Awesome Soda Life Hacks You Should Know

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Sugary Drinks: Not So Sweet on Kidneys

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Kidney stone risk climbs from consuming sugar sweetened drinks. I’m Erin White and this is a dailyRx Minute. Sugar-sweetened soft drinks not only seem to contribute to diabetes and obesity, they are also linked to the development of kidney stones. In a new study, researchers reported that those who drank more sugar sweetened soda and […]

Alcohol & the Ketogenic Diet: What you need to know

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Alcohol on the ketogenic diet. Where the heck do you stand? Can you have it, can you not? What should you consume? There’s so much different, conflicting stuff out there. So why don’t I just give you a simple breakdown of how it works in the body? Hey, I’m Thomas DeLauer with Keto-Mojo and we’re […]


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*gagging and barfing noises* WASSUP YOUTUBE! Today we are going to try some more weird sodas let me introduce you to the flavors (What’s with the megaphone?) sweet corn soda! pickle juice soda Carrot cake soda! The Grass soda! The Ranch dressing soda! HA HA HA HA! Last but not least, we’ve got Green Apple […]

It Didn’t Take Long for Americans to Forget about Prohibition

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Yadkin Valley Winter Wine Passport and Beer Passport Part Two | North Carolina Weekend | UNC-TV

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– [Tom] The demise of the tobacco industry, really a lot of the farmers around here were left saying, “Well what am I gonna plant now?” And having learned that the area has a lot of soil and temperature conditions similar to Burgundy, France, soon discovered that this was not only a good place to […]


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Captions are on! Click CC at bottom right to turn off. When I was a kid, swimming was one of my favorite things to do. I was on the swim team starting when I was four years old and then on and off throughout grade school, although I wasn’t especially fast. I just loved the […]