? Pasta In A Sausage White Wine Sauce

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welcome friends today in the studio I’m gonna make a pretty simple lunchtime pasta dish that I really enjoy and that is orecchietti pretty sure I’m saying that wrong but sort of little ear pasta with a sausage white wine sauce and it comes together really quickly pretty much in the time that it takes […]

FUBU’s J.Alexander Martin on Fashion + Design – Wine with Wasser Video

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ERIKA STORM WASSER: Welcome to Wine With Wasser, another Spaces original. I am here with J Alexander Martin, who is one of the founders, and the current executive vice president of FUBU. J ALEXANDER MARTIN: Yes. ERIKA STORM WASSER: OK, so the most important question of our Wine With Wasser interview, red, white, or rose? […]

Tri Fit Monroeville Winery Mini Intro Part 1

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Hey Nicole Simonin here from Shape It Up Fitness in South Jersey! We are here at the beautiful Monroeville Winery. It’s a beautiful day out here. And we are going to show you where we are going to hold our Tri-Fit-A-Thon. which is Oct 7, 2017. It’s going to be our 1st one. We are […]

6 Soda Gadgets Put to the Test

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For the first gadget we got over here: soda dispenser instructions it says refrigerator of course keep it cold when you’re ready pour out one glass I did a terrible job doing this look how much it fizzed up use the rim of the glass to fill it up so in the description it says: […]

10 Pepsi Drinks That Embarrassed The Company

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Throughout its many years of existence, Pepsi has released dozens of different variants of its classic drinks, including many limited edition flavors and international products. With such a large amount of options, there’s bound to be some drinks that weren’t well received with the public. Here are the Top 10 Pepsi drinks that embarrassed the […]

What Alcohol Does to Your Body

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We explain what alcohol does to your body. This is Michael. He enjoys going out and drinking at the weekend sometimes a bit more than he should! He’s worried that it might be affecting his health – what exactly is alcohol doing to him? Michael knows that alcohol is used to describe beverages containing ethanol. […]

DASH 2.5liter Iced Beverage Brewer

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10/01/19 Council Committees: Public Safety Beer & Regulated Beverages

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How to NOT use alcohol markers / 5 mistakes alcoholic marker artists make

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Does Drinking Alcohol Really Help Prevent Hypothermia?

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Hello, I’m Daven Hiskey, you’re watching the TodayIFoundOut YouTube channel. In the video today, we’re looking at whether it’s actually true that drinking alcohol is a good way to warm yourself up on a cold day. A common remedy to stave off frigid temperatures on festive outdoor occasions is to drink alcohol. But does drinking […]