The ‘Diff’rent Strokes’ With The Bicycle Man Child Molester

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(mellow music) – [Narrator] Mr. Drummond warns it’s about to get very real in this bitch. Buckle up. The fam’s returning bikes after a ride. Mr. Horton comes out juggling. He used to juggle knives in the circus. Not a troubling backstory at all. He says instead of renting, Mr. Drummond should buy a bike. […]

YNW Melly – Freddy Krueger (ft. Tee Grizzley) [Official Video]

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If Drew didn’t film it,then it ain’t filmed right If Drew didn’t film it,then it ain’t filmed right ? Coolin’ in the cut with my shooters I don’t even know who the fuck is on this bitch.For real Boolin’ in the cut with my shooter 30 clip, hanging out my ruger And I got a […]

How To Instantly Chill Any Drink!

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What’s up guys, Lew here back with another video. And today- This might be The most exciting thing I’ve brought you in a while This right here is a little appliance that is gonna chill any beverage, carbonated or otherwise in one minute. Chill a beverage in one minute I know you’ve been in that […]

Gouden Carolus Cuvee Van De Keizer – Fairgrounds Wine and Spirits

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What’s going on everybody? Welcome back to Fairgrounds TV, I’m your host Peter Moeller. Today we have something that I consider to be very special. This is Gouden Carolus 2012 Cuvee Van De Keizer Blauw. This is a Belgian dark strong ale that gets brewed on the 24th of February every year, in remembrance of […]

Angry Orchard Iceman – Fairgrounds Wine and Spirits

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What’s going on everybody, welcome back to Fairgrounds TV. I’m your host Peter Moeller. Excuse the noise in the background there’s some construction going on. Today we have something from Angry Orchard. This is their Iceman cider it comes in at 10 percent alcohol. It’s an ice cider, so what they do is they freeze […]

Why does the Book of Mormon Mention Wine Vineyards and Wine presses? (Knowhy #88)

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Throughout the Book of Mormon there are references to wine.This has caused some to wonder because wine, as we understand it today—being made from grapes—was assumed to not have existed in ancient America. But did you know that ancient people in the New World made wine-like beverages from many different fruits like pineapple, agave nectar, […]


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Dini: In this video, you will learn how to taste wine so that you can get the maximum enjoyment out of every sip you take. And watch until the very end because I’m going to give you a little cheat sheet wine chart that’s going to help you remember everything that we talk about. If […]

How to Choose Dessert Wines

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How to Choose Dessert Wines. A dessert wine makes a great meal even better. Follow these tips to top off your menu with flair. You will need A variety of desserts and a supply of dessert wines. Step 1. Learn the different types of dessert wines, including fortified wines, such as port and sherry, and […]

What is sweet wine?

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[Music] hi today I want to talk a little bit about sweet wines this is something that’s not one of my favourite things to drink but you know a lot of people do like sweet wines and they should know a little bit about them so starting out in the spirit of that today I […]

The Wines of Tuscany

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(passionate Italian folk music)>>(narrator) The central Italian region of Tuscany evokes thoughts of rolling hills, sunbathed vineyards, olive trees, and historic architecture.>>(with Italian accent) In Tuscany, you can find the culture, history, food, wine, mountain, sea. It’s a magic place.>>(narrator) Long dominated by the city-states of Sienna and Florence, this was the birthplace of the […]