What does Soda do to your body? | #aumsum

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It’s AumSum Time. What does soda do to your body? It makes my skin glow. No. Sodas contain high amounts of sugar. Within 20 minutes of drinking soda. The high sugar content enters our bloodstream and sends our pancreas into overdrive. Thus causing it to produce a burst of insulin. However, overtime, this can lead […]

I Tried Socializing Without Alcohol For 30 Days

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Pico Wine: Beauty of the Azores, episode 7

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Pico is the island that produces the most wine Very dry, very difficult terrain But very ideal for the grapes except from this last year But normally we can get really nice, good high sugar content grapes because the ground is so dry The rock walls, they provide a sort of greenhouse atmosphere for the […]

Quantum cabbage and blue wine – how to make an acid base indicator

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Blue wine! Woah! Look at those colours, fantastic! Cabbage on acid is freakin’awesome, even better on alkali Better get stuck into this washing up… some soap Woah, blue wine! That was quite a party last night. Darl, who brought blue wine last night? Wait, that’s still red And the left over cabbage is blue too […]

Jokari Wine Cork Air Vac Gadget Review

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hey what’s going on everyone Dan here from 9malls and today i’m going to review the Jakari wine air back pump cork and this preserves open wine it just pumps air out seals freqs freshness in so if this actually works that would be actually something that i would use and i’m going to test […]

Red Wine Poached Pears Recipe & An Intentional Autumn

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Hey everyone! I hope you had a fantastic Thanksgiving. Today I’m going to show you a festive, kind of holiday treat. I’m in Chicago for Thanksgiving with my family. Here’s my big brother Brian. Tell them what we’re making. We are making some poached ehhh — not eggs — poached pears. Poached pears. I just […]

Your Brain On Fentanyl (FIXED)

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Fentanyl is not a new drug, but has seen such a dramatic increase in the past three years, that it has become a crisis in North and Shoth America. Simply touching it may cause you to overdose, so: What exactly does it do to your brain and body? Fentanyl is an opioid that can inhibit […]

Robin Williams – Drugs side effects

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Coke in a Harvest Right Freeze Dryer is Weird

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In today’s video, we’re revisiting something we’ve tested in the past. What happens if you take all of the moisture out of soda, specifically, is it different from regular soda, soda made with cane sugar, and soda made with artificial sugar? [Music] Guys, while back, we did a test where we tried to take Coca-Cola, […]

Remove Coke Can from Coke

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Greetings fellow nerds. Time for some really simple and fun chemistry. So we all know that you can easily remove coke from the can. In this video however we’re going to do the opposite and remove the can from the drink and show there a little known plastic liner inside the can. To do it […]