The Colour of Wine

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Hey Tasters! When you’re about to taste the glass of wine, don’t! Instead slow down and consciously engage your senses. Wine tasting starts with your sense of style. Wine tasting starts with your sense of sight. Slightly tilt your wine glass against a white background, a napkin is fine, and observe the colour and ask […]

Lauv – f*ck, im lonely (with Anne-Marie)[Remix]

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I call you one time, two time, three time I can’t wait no more Your fingers through my hair that’s on my mind I know it’s been a minute since you walked right through that door But I still think about you all the time I don’t know I don’t know How I’m gonna make […]

Learn How to Make Action Bronson’s Favorite Börek Recipe

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[MUSIC] Today we’re gonna make pita with ground beef.>>Also know as borek.>>We need onions, we need ground beef, we need salt, flour, butter, and water.>>With this dish you want to definitely ground the onions and get that good flavor developing early. So when you add the meat mixture, you have that layer of flavor, you […]


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– Hi guys. Hello, hello, hello, hello, hello, hello, hello. How are you all doing today? I hope you’re doing really, really, really well. So, just a quick disclaimer, this is not a real hairbrush. This is fake. It is made with 100% real ingredients and this is a fake champagne bottle. It is not […]

Rod Stewart & A$AP Rocky Carpool Karaoke

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Vielen Dank, dass du mir hilfst, zur Arbeit zu kommen. -Jederzeit. -Das schätze ich sehr. Danke. Ruf einfach an, ich bin immer für dich da. Wie lange lebst du jetzt schon in Amerika? Seit 1975. Vor deiner Geburt, vermutlich. -Das war vor meiner Geburt. -Alles klar. War es wirklich. Ja. Sollen wir das Radio anmachen? […]

Wine & Cheese Parties with La Crema Wines | Pottery Barn

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Pottery Barn Party Planner Wine and Cheese La Crema Wines Hi my name is Melissa Stackhouse and I’m the winemaker for La Crema Winery. we’re located in the heart of the Russian river valley in northern California I’m here with Pottery Barn to talk about the La Crema wines and also discuss how to entertain […]

Dricka på Systembolaget

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Hello I’m Olle and today we will go into a liqueur store and drink some water. Have you tried this wine? I just had some. Lets just.. We gonna buy gin and tonic? Cheers! We don’t drink wine so often.. I’m not an expert on wine either. We don’t know when it tastes good or […]

Best Restaurants in Durres, Albania

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Welcome, Please Subscribe our channel to view food videos. Best Restaurants in Durres Gusto di Mare & Sushi Time Troy Piceri Grill House Piazza Pasticeria Pelikan Kodra e Kuajve 2 Kitarrat Sema Portiku Wine Bar Solemio Restaurant Oaz Durres Subscribe Our Channel

Warum trinken wir?

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Ich trinke gerne Wein, ich trinke gerne Whisk(e)y. Meine Hobbies sind Wein. Ich liebe Bourbon, aber ich liebe eben auch Scotch. Ich glaube das Alkohol Menschen zusammenbringt. Der Genuss an sich. Die Deutschen erklären sich ja immer. Auch wenn ich selbst und andere Bartender Genuss an erster Stelle setzen würden, gehört Rausch durchaus dazu. Mir […]

Illinois Lawmakers #3404 Sports Betting and Capital Bill

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(upbeat music) – Welcome to Illinois Lawmakers continuing coverage of the spring session of the Illinois General Assembly during the month of May. I’m Jak Tichenor along with Rich Miller of Rich, the big news this week is here in the House where the House is considering that progressive income tax plan that came […]