13 Best Anti-Aging Foods That Everyone Should Eat

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Welcome back to our channel bestie! We all know that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but we want you to feel amazing both inside and out! That’s why today’s video is all about what foods will keep you looking younger no matter what age you are! Can food really help you live […]

15 Foods & Drinks You Would ONLY Have on St. Patrick’s Day

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On St-Patrick’s Day we do all kinds of things that we do not do on an everyday basis; that includes consuming some of the festive foods. Here are the top 15 fast foods that you would only eat because it is St. Patrick’s Day! Applebee’s Rainbow Punch Available only during March, Applebee’s Rainbow Punch is […]

Oak and Wine

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Hey Tasters! Today’s video is all about tasting wood. Now, now! Don’t be vulgar, darlings! We are talking about oak barrels and their effect on wine. Maturation in an oak barrel is now seen as an essential part of a winemaker’s toolkit. It is after all the only method available for seasoning a wine. However, […]

How to Create a CBD Drink – Flavorman’s Beverage Industry Guide

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Hi, my name is Kadeja, a Beverage Architect at Flavorman. Today we’re in the lab to explore the possibilities of applying CBD to various types of beverages. Every day, they’re custom building beverage formulations – like seltzers, juices, teas, flavored spirits, and anything else you can drink. Thanks to our team of scientists, we’ve created […]


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Hello👋🏼 I have been waiting for you. Our theme today is Burger King Gummy Lets Tuck in! some gummy fries for you😋 They got a tangy and sweet flavour which is very nice. I enjoyed that burger king cookie I made for you😋 I love oreo they are my favourite cookies. This was double chocolate […]

Del Taco Turkey Tacos Paired with Great Wine

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Have you ever wondered, does wine go with fast food? Well, I’m Rebecca Rose Phillips, certified sommelier, wine director, and fast foodie, and I’m here with more great wine and fast food to find out, can we pair these things, and prove that wine does in fact go with everything. Be sure to subscribe to […]

Aspirin and Prostaglandins

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Have a fever? Maybe a headache? Many people choose to take acetylsalicylic acid, or aspirin, for relief of their symptoms. In fact, aspirin has been used by humans for more than 2,500 years ever since some person realized that chewing willow leaves seemed to treat their discomfort. This is because willow leaves contain salicin, which […]

Where Does Wine Come From?

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It may seem impossible to believe but just one single species of vine is responsible for virtually all of the wines that we consume. The common grapevine or Vitis Vinifera has been cultivated over thousands of years and is now responsible for around 10,000 different grape varieties. These cover over 8 million hectares of land […]

How Wine Barrels are Made | Cooperage Oak Barrel Making & Barrel Toasting Demonstration

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In order to ensure that we’re getting the best oak we really can for Jordan wines, Rob Davis actually travels to France and visits the forest and attends the the auctions where the logs are actually auctioned off. And, he bids for logs and then has one of our Cooper’s create barrels from the logs […]

Yif Magic水變酒 [官方HD] Water to Wine

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let’s try something usually put aside watermelon juice what other drink do you like? what other fruit juice? orange orange juice I see watch this watermelon juice and imagine the color of orange imagine it becoming orange juice just there that’s really weird your drink taste now like orange taste it god I need your […]