What We Wish We Knew Before Cruising on Navigator of the Seas!

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Royal Caribbean’s Navigator of the Seas has recently undergone a $115 million dollar renovation. This newly amplified cruise ship now offers a variety of new dining, entertainment, and onboard activities. It also regularly cruises to Royal Caribbean’s updated private island perfect day at CocoCay. The princess and I have sailed on the ship twice this […]

Watch as Chaos Ensues When Airport Catering Cart’s Accelerator Gets Stuck

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It’s rare that a catering cart at an airport goes viral. Then again, it’s rare that a catering cart at an airport goes rogue. That’s exactly what happened at Chicago O’Hare International Airport on Monday, where an out-of-control cart dangerously circled the tarmac until an American Airlines employee managed to save the day with an […]

Ayurvedic View of Alcohol- Healthy or Harmful- Charaka Samhita Shlokas

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In our previous video on Ayurveda, we saw how Acharya Charaka, in his book Charaka Samhita, dedicated an entire chapter towards alcohol, it’s use, and misuse. In this video, we are going to see that Acharya Charaka, doesn’t take a moral or a pessimistic stance over the consumption of alcohol. He looks at it, as […]


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This is Craig Beck from stop drinking expert dot com. And today’s video comes from a hotel bedroom in Sydney Australia. And I tell you it’s the first time I’ve been to Sydney. First time I’ve been to Australia in fact and I’ve noticed something quite unique about Australia and alcohol. It seems to be […]

Maya Rudolph Wants to Grow Old and Change Her ‘Wine Country’ Co-Stars’ Diapers

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We are back with a woman who you call Maya, but, as a friend for as many years as I’ve been with her, I call her Maya. And you can do that with– May-YA. I call her May-YA. It’s pronounced May-YA. It’s May-YA. But what a delight, obviously. And I watched “Wine Country.” You saw […]

WINE TV: The official presentation of the new ”Cloe Marie Kottakhs Underwater Champagne -52”

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all friends of wine tv fantastic location portino jamin thing JAMIN means flapping in Genoese and here Jamin he will explain to us in advance what happens because here a wine is presented here tonight you’ve never heard of 100 percent pinot noir vineyards of the Aube 24 months on agriculture yeasts sustainable and this […]

Making Liquid Nitrogen From Scratch!

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Nitrogen is everywhere. It’s a fundamental building block of life. It makes up 78% of the atmosphere, AND it’s in these tiny micro bubbles, in my Starbucks ‘Nitro-Cold Brew.’ And yes, this episode is sponsored by Starbucks. They challenged me to liquify nitrogen out of the air, and that’s what I’m gonna be doing in […]

Jamu Temulawak Kunyit | Minuman #098

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Both curcuma and turmeric have a similar form and benefits, Such as relieve a digestion problem, cancer resist, and retain liver function Curcuma Turmeric Reed Water Peel the curcuma skin Roast the curcuma Peel the turmeric skin Roast the turmeric Turmeric Curcuma Mash until smooth Bruise the reed Chop Wait until it is boiling Don’t […]

Acidity and Basicity of Alcohols

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Leah here from leah4sci.com and in this video we’re going to look at the acidity and basicity of alcohols for the entire alcohol video series, visit my website leah4sci.com/alcohol Alcohols are amphiprotic where amphi tells us it can go two A’s and protic is referring to it’s proton ability, if a molecule is amphiprotic, it […]

Cherry Healey – old before my time – Alcohol

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Norske tekstar: Signe Bergvoll Alle veit at alkohol, dop og snøggmat er usunt … Skinnet er best. Men unge britar elskar å feste. -Trur du at du er uovervinneleg? -Ja. Ein lever berre ein gong. -Det er ikkje bra for helsa, men … -Det får vi uroe oss over seinare. Kvifor bekymre seg for noko […]