How Different Types of Alcohol Affect Your Emotions

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[INTRO ♪] People often claim that different types of alcohol affect them in different ways. Red wine, for example, makes them sleepy. After a couple shots of tequila, they’re ready to party. If you know a little bit about chemistry, you might be kind of skeptical about this, and for good reason. The active ingredient […]

Health organizations release beverage guidelines for kids

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Invoice Discounting for food and beverage

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As a business within the food and beverage industry, you operate in a constantly evolving and competitive environment. And in the quest to grow your business – you need to respond quickly to changing consumer preferences. At St.George, we understand it’s natural to experience the uncertainty that comes with peaks and troughs in your business […]

Alcohol and Drug Evaluation classes – Do you need to take a drug or alcohol awareness class?-

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If you are looking for a Court Approved Alcohol and Drug Evaluation or Assessment, call the Diversion Center. We are the number 1 rated provider of court-mandated services. Call us if you need a: Alcohol and Drug Evaluation Anger Management Evaluation Mental Health Evaluation Shoplifting and Theft Prevention Class Family Violence Intervention Class Or Individual […]

Smoking, Drugs, Alcohol & ED | Erection Problems

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Easy Seafood Recipes: Mussels & Shrimp in White Wine Sauce | Kenmore

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WTF is AUSLESE Wine?! (& Beerenauslese) What The FRUiT… Episode #3

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This is Julien, the French winemaking guy who makes wine videos here on YouTube. Yes, wine videos, and this is episode #3 of our ‘what the fruit’ series and we are looking at a famous well you know rather famous German wine term that is Beerenauslese. So we’re going to be looking at how you […]

01/03/19 Council Committees: Public Safety Beer, & Regulated Beverages

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05/21/19 Council Committees: Public Safety, Beer, and Regulated Beverages

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Straight Talk: Should Expecting Fathers Give Up Alcohol?

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– Is it reasonable to expect your partner to give up drinking during pregnancy? – Why would I ask him to stop drinking? I would be like, you know what, I can’t drink. Why don’t you go ahead and have a drink for the both of us? (audience applauds) It’s like I don’t expect for […]