Why A Mom Says She’s Watching Alcohol-Dependent Daughter ‘Like A Hawk’

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Increase Your Alcohol Tolerance: Tips and Tricks

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some people are blessed with a very high drinking tolerance in college that can be a great thing but some people particularly in this case my low body fat percentage cohost has a lower by intriguing tolerance is the way of some tips on how you can increase your tolerance electric in thailand nine but […]

Should You Join Wine Ambassador? (It’s MLM So…NO)

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hello and welcome to my channel if you are new I’m so over the moon that you found me and if you’ve been here before oh my god you came back my name is Alanda Carter and I am the recovering hun Bott I create daily anti MLM videos which includes stories shared with me […]

LEO | You Are About to Turn Water Into Wine | PSYCHIC TAROT 🌞

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Hi Leos and welcome to your time with Renee Tarot we’re going to do Tarot and oracle card readings for your inspiration and motivation we are going to start off today using the Iyanla Vanzant daily living cards this is tips for daily living we’ll start off with that and then we’ll look at the […]

Brent Brownlee, General Manager – Food and Beverage Operations

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We reviewed all aspects of our menus on campus. In particular, we examined pizza station in the food court. We reviewed the various ingredients the cheese and the dough and we determined that changing menu would help reduce our costs. In the end we end up changing cheeses which resulted in a twenty five percent […]

Why I Quit Drinking Alcohol & 12 Benefits of Quitting Alcohol

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hey guys so welcome to this video I quit drinking alcohol about a month ago it’s been a little over a month why I quit drinking I feel like I quit drinking alcohol because I felt like I started doing it too much like I felt like I was looking forward to the end of […]

Weed Vs. Alcohol

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(upbeat piano music) – Well, now it’s a big decision. – I guess it comes down to what type of night do you want to have? – [Brittany] Okay, I know it seems like alcohol would be the go-to. – Yeah, we’re at a party. – Oh, you just wanna drink ’cause you wanna be […]

Unbreakable Wine Glasses | It’s Cool, But Does It Really Work?

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– But, it hasn’t broken! Hi it’s Marisa. – And I’m Lauren. We’re testing inventions to see if they live up to expectations. – We’re here to answer the most important question. – It’s cool. – But does it really work? We’re gonna break these wine glasses by any means necessary. This is chaos. Three, […]

Ontario government announces further funding for wine, cider and spirits programs

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Ernie Hardeman>>I’m pleased to announce further funding for our wine, cider and spirits programs, while our government continues its overall review of the alcohol sector. The transition investment of over 15 million dollars for one year, will help your sector with key business decisions and planning. Carolyn Hurst>>It really is an investment – that’s how […]

Top things to do in Mendoza, Argentina

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Welcome to Mendoza, my hometown! Come along and I’ll make it easy. Easy as 1-2-3! There’s some places you can’t miss: Plaza Independencia in the heart of the city. Stroll through Peatonal Sarmiento. Parque General San Martín with over 1,200 trees. Cerro de la Gloria with breathtaking views of the city. If you love hiking, […]