Harold Drinks a Soda

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Say, I’m having a real nice time Today’s been a good day Lester. I can use a soda. How about you? I don’t think that’s a very good idea Why is that? Harold it’s been a good day Don’t ruin that by doing something stupid But Lester, I love soda. It’s a perfect way to […]

【Eng Sub】自製汽水 利用酵母力量 輕鬆做無添加果汁汽水 Homemade Soft Drinks with Instant Yeast Recipe

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點開播放器的「字幕」>「關閉」就可以看到中文字幕 If you need Sub in other languages, click CC, auto-translate, select a language Drinking Water at room temperature Instant yeast Stirring to mix completely Cut lemon into half Juice the lemon and remove seeds Pomegranate Soft Drinks Cut pomegranate into half Hold each half over a bowl, seeds facing down Releasing the seeds with […]

Alcohol Marker Skill Builder Part 2: What ink pad to use (or not!), Handmade Cardmaking Tutorial

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hi of welcomes Hedgehog hello and welcome to part 2 of our alcohol marker skill builder today I’m gonna talk to you all about what ink pads to use with your alcohol markers last time we look to what papers to use and you saw some different variations depending on what effect you want where […]

Why is there an Alcohol Shortage in Michigan?

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So the holidays are approaching. You go to get grandpa a nice bottle of scotch. You get to the liquor store and..wait what’s this about a liquor shortage in Michigan? A bottle of liquor starts at a manufacturer. But they can’t sell the bottle right to the store. It actually goes to the state. That’s […]

What Happens When You Stop Smoking?

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with over 7,000 chemicals released each time you light a cigarette it’s no surprise that smoking is one of the leading causes of preventable deaths worldwide but with 1.3 billion people actively smoking what actually happens when you stop smoking within the first 20 minutes of quitting your blood pressure and heart rate return to […]

Why You Should Stop Using Hand Sanitizer!

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We all know hand sanitizer is bad for you – but a new study finds it can actually increase the amount of BPA in your system! Yet another reason to stop using it altogether! Hey guys, Tara here for Dnews – and there’s been a lot of talk over the past few years about hand […]

Nguyễn Đông – Thử Thách Uống Coca cola Nhận Tiền | challenge drink soft drinks

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How to Overcome Obesity in 12 Weeks : Overcoming Obesity: Avoid Carbonated Drinks

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Hi, I’m Angela Martindale and today we are talking to you about how to get out of obesity in twelve weeks. Hydration is important. And water is your best source. Water is the most natural way to hydrate your body. And yes sometimes we do need electrolytes. And there are brands out there with no […]

This Technology Turns Alcohol To Vapor

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Today’s going to be an interesting one! I have (…) no idea what to expect. I often get emails… about new and emerging products many things I need to try out before you do so I can let you know if its legit. In this box right here is a machine called the “Vap Shot […]

11/05/19 Council Committees: Public Safety Beer & Regulated Beverages

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