The BEST Antioxidant Rich Drink – Kerala Herbal Pink Water Pathimugam – Ayurvedic Home Remedies

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Hey guys, I am nisa homey and welcome back to my channel. Today, I am sharing an amazing ayurvedic herbal water from Kerala which is also a thirst quencher. If you have ever been to a restaurant in kerala or visited a malayalee friend’s home then you may have been served with this herbal pink […]

Underused Drugs Effective In Treating Alcoholism, Study Says

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Researchers say there are several medications that can help alcoholics quit their drinking. Thing is, they’re rarely prescribed. According to the National Institutes of Health, about 18 million Americans suffer from alcohol use disorders. AUDs are “medical conditions that doctors can diagnose when a patient’s drinking causes distress or harm. … Classified as either alcohol […]

Woodturning A Travel Beverage Mug

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Hi, Alan Stratton from As Wood Turns dot com. I appreciate viewers who make project suggestions. In fact, two viewers , John Jackson and Larry McCafferty, made the same suggestion, a travel mug. In fact, John reports that every Saturday, he enjoys his cup of morning joe while he watches my weekly video. Now I […]

2: Adding Users: SureTrend Food & Beverage Series

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Welcome to the SureTrend four instructional video series for food & beverage processors. In this video we’ll cover adding users. Let’s get started. Adding usernames to your unit is a great way to track personnel or shift performance and helps with accountability and troubleshooting. Open SureTrend. On the units tab, click the plus sign on […]

USDA at the London International Wine Festival

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Hi. Good afternoon, my name is Rod McSherry and I’m from the US Department of Agriculture Foreign Agricultural Service. I’m based here in London, United Kingdom, and the reason I’m here today is in support of America’s grape growers and winemakers, and the US Department of Agriculture Foreign AG Service does what it can to […]

Wine Cellar Tour | Wine Cellar Cooling Systems | Harvest Wine Cellars & Saunas

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[Music] So, it’s kind of hard to find in this room because it’s really a concealed type system. If you focus up to the ceiling, we’ll see that it is a WhisperKool Series 8000 ceiling mount. We didn’t really have a way to duct out of the wine cellar just based on the footprint of […]

Effects Of Alcohol On The Brain – How Booze Works On Your Brain

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Protein Shakes BAD? (New Study Breakdown)

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Recently, there was an article on the matter of protein shake supplements. And the headline… wasn’t pretty: STOP DRINKING PROTEIN SHAKES! As the article would say, as it can lead to… weight gain, depression, and even a shorter life span. Unsurprisingly, this made a quite the rumble within the fitness community. But does this article […]

DIY Beverage Station Made From a Planter – HGTV Happy

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10 Awesome Soda Can Life Hacks

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