The Untold Truth Of Listerine

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When you woke up this morning, you probably brushed your teeth and maybe used some Listerine mouthwash to get rid of that nasty morning halitosis. But have you ever wondered what Listerine actually is? Or what halitosis is, for that matter? Come with us as we dive deep inside your disgusting mouth for a look […]

Drinking Ozonated Water

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So this is my process for making myself a glass of water those are native water Put in a little ice user Nikken [Pi] Mag And we used to drink just this water straight Ivany Kanpai mag my wife prefers the Nican Pi Mag water Me I know Maybe I’m a little crazy. [I] like […]

Discovering a Great Tool for Wine Lovers: The Coravin

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Bueno sera. I’m Rick Steves. I’m in Italy in Lake Como. I’ve just met Andrea. Ciao, Andrea. Andrea: Ciao. Rick: Andrea runs a wonderful little enoteca. It’s called Aperitivo Et Al. There’s lots of wine bars in Italy because wine is a very important part of the culture. Andrea has– how many bottles that you […]

Michigan Wine Tours and Tasting | Pure Michigan

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What sets you free, sets us apart. The Lake Michigan effect is what allows Michigan to grow award winning wine grapes, such as Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Riesling, and Cabernet. Combine world-class grapes with talented wine makers, and you’ve got the wines of Pure Michigan. Plan your Michigan wine tour at

Gel Press Printmaking with Alcohol Inks by Sally Lynn MacDonald

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Hi, I’m Sally Lynn MacDonald and I am going to be showing you some fun techniques with alcohol ink. It’s been one of our most popular demonstrations at the trade shows and consumer shows. I did a Facebook Live long time ago. At the time I didn’t understand how well to use my camera that […]

Review of alcohol industry on the cards, Justice Minister Andrew Little warns | Newshub

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*SIRENS AND POLICE SCANNER NOISE* We’ve been on the road with police… Documenting the damage. Assaults, gross intoxication, breaches of the liquor ban… And drunk drivers. OFFICER: “Based on the readings, we’ll decide what happens next, okay?” There are now almost 12,000 places around the country… Including bottle stores, pubs and clubs… Where you can […]

How to Make Glitter Wine Glasses | Dishwasher Safe Glitter Glasses DIY | Ali Coultas

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G’day guys! Hope you are having a good week! So back in January I did this DIY Glitter Mug and it’s doing so well. Like I can’t believe it! If you type into google DIY Glitter mugs it’s my video that comes up! So I thought why just stop with a mug, it’s time to […]

Italian Wine Pronunciation 101 – Top 40 Terms YOU NEED to KNOW!

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This is Julian the French winemaking a who makes wine videos here on YouTube yes twin videos in yes I am French but I did live in Italy for quite some time making wine as a winemaker in the heart of Italy in the heart of beautiful Tuscany so here are the top 40 most […]

Alcohol for plants and garden | Top 5 Uses of Alcohol on Plants | Beer and Wine Hacks

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Hello Friends! Today we will look into a Weird but an interesting topic � Alcohol in Gardening. The Benefits of alcohol and the effects of Alcohol on plants. I shall Talk on both Ethanol (Drinking alcohol like beer, wine, vodka) and also on Isopropyl alcohol � also called as Rubbing Alcohol which is usually used […]

BEST SHOT RECIPES vol 2 – Drinking for 125k!!

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