Capítulo: Hombre obliga a su esposa a beber alcohol | Caso Cerrado | Telemundo

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CC: TELEMUNDO NETWORK She’s my stepdaughter. She’s giving my wife a lot of pills. Liar. Help her, please, Roberto. No! You reek of alcohol. Are you telling me your mother was fine when she got here and got like this backstage? Yes. It’s against the law to spy. Who are you to tell me what […]

Lab 5- Transesterification of Vegetable Oil and Alcohol to Produce Ethyl Esters (Biodiesel)

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This is the fifth in a series of 8 chemistry labs on the fundamentals of biodiesel. In this lab we will learn about “Transesterification of Vegetable Oil and Alcohol to Produce Ethyl Biodiesel”. Written procedures and background information for all 8 labs is provided on the biodiesel education website. The process for making biodiesel called […]

How To Make Coca Cola Truck Christmas Decoration

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Report: Deputy smelled of alcohol when arrested for pointing gun at ride-share driver

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Millennials Are Sick of Drinking

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Homeownership. Golf. Mayonnaise. And napkins. Millennials have been accused of killing a lot of things. Most recently it seems that alcohol industry is in their crosshairs. But is this generation actually drinking less? I had seen a lot of articles claiming that Millennials were getting sober in notable numbers. When I started to dig into […]

Cuisinart Cordless Wine Bottle Opener and Vacuum Sealer

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Guy In VRchat talks about alcohol abuse

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Underage Drinking: Minor in Possession of Alcohol

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I’m Don Pumphrey, Jr. for the Pumphrey Law Firm. A question was posed that if you’re a student at Florida State University and you’re underage and you’re in possession of an alcoholic beverage. First point, Don’t Do It! Don’t be in possession of an alcoholic beverage at any time if you’re under the age of […]

The Best Red Wines for Beginners (Series): #4 Cabernet Franc

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What are some of the best red wines for beginners to try? Well, this is part 4 of a series called the “Best Red Wines,” and today we’re going to be talking about Cabernet franc! If the name Cabernet franc sounds familiar to you, that’s probably because it’s related to Cabernet Sauvignon. Like Cabernet Sauvignon […]

Watermelon Slushies Recipe: Frozen Summer Drink Idea

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Hey guys it’s Joanne from Today we’re going to make a refreshing and simple summery drink. We’re going to do some watermelon lime slushies. This is a great all natural alternative to those bright blue convenience store slushies that we can all admit we’ve bought at one point or another, but trust me, this […]