Cocktail Week

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How to Super Clean the INSIDE of Your Windshield (No Streaks)

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Hey guys! Chris Fix here and today I’m going to show you how to clean the inside of your windshield so that it’s crystal clear and streak free. The windshield on my truck is very dirty on the inside. And it’s easy to see this at night with the glare off the oily film. This […]

The Science of Good Taste — Geology, Wine and Food

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Larry Meinert: Since this is going to be a science talk, let’s start with a little thought experiment. Imagine two vineyards right next to each other. One, over hundreds of years, has produced acclaimed wine that everybody loves, and sells for ridiculous prices, hundreds of dollars a bottle. Then you crawl over a fence to […]

Wall-mounted wine rack made from recycled wood

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Ah yes… A sophisticated, yet primitive bouquet with just a hint of Microjig. Maker of the GRR-RIPPER. Work safer.Work Smarter. Some of you may remember these old shelves I had in my shop. They stored paint cans. They’ve been sitting outside. I’m going to take them apart and see if I can give them a […]

Soursop Tea Benefits And Side Effects

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Soursop Tea Benefits and Side Effects. Soursop tea is a natural tea that is made from the leaves of the soursop fruit tree. Soursop tea is additionally called graviola tea and also is rumored to have considerable powers to prevent or deal with cancer cells. Sadly, nonetheless, researchers have actually not been able to show […]

Benefits of Sea Salt

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Hey guys, Dr. Axe here, doctor of natural medicine. In this video I’m going to train you on the many benefits of sea salt and the negative side effects of iodized table salt. At the end I’ll talk about the ways that I specifically like to use salt and something you’ve got to be aware […]

Cal-Mil Beverage Dispenser

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Hi, I’m Josh from Cal-Mil. Today, I’m gonna be speaking to you about some of the beverage dispensers that we have. Some of the unique features and benefits that they offer to you. So, not only do they look great, as you can see up here, they also offer some very great benefits. First, it’s […]

HealthWatch: Beverage Guidelines For Children, Introverts Encouraged To Be Extroverts Are Happier

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Day 3 of 30 Challenge. Drugs & Alcohol

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Hey guys so it is day three of the 30 day challenge and today’s question is your views on drugs and alcohol so I guess I’ll just kind of start with if I drink or anything like that I do drink so I don’t have any thing against alcohol as long as you are drinking […]

The REAL Cause of Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD)

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Hi guys. Dr. Berg here. In this short video, we’re going to talk about non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. So many people have a fatty liver and it’s not really coming from drinking too much alcohol. There’s other reasons for that. The main reason is insulin resistance. I’m going to explain that. If you haven’t seen […]