Wines on Wine – Bold Reds for Winter

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Is there anything more warming than a great glass of red wine? I don’t think so! This December, our Master’s Flight is featuring really wonderful bold red wines for winter, when there’s nothing more warming than a great big glass of red wine. And all four of these wines pair perfectly with a cozy fire […]

Wine tasting RAICES Crianza DO Valdepeñas

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Hello and welcom! My name is Jose. I work at Bodegas Fernando Castro. This winery established en 1850 is one of the oldest wineries en Castilla-La-Mancha. Today we will taste “Raices Crianza”. A wine which recived a high rating from Robert Parker. So let´s taste the wine. We can see ruby colors which are starting […]

Wine Making Tips : Aging Wine in Barrels

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Welcome to the Gundel Winery. I am here on behalf of Expert Village. I am Zsalt Kalman, representing Gundel Winery since 1998. This is a quite big cellar. We can age 4,500 hectoliters of wine here in wooden barrels. We only use oak barrels here. 225, 300 and 500 liter barrels. We use the Hungarian […]

花3个月的时间自酿葡萄酒,边酿边喝,真的能吃醉Spend 3 months to make grape wine, drink and drink, you can really get drunk

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Hello, I’m Liz It’s the annual grape season again Grapes are better to eat or to pick in the garden This is the joy of harvest Look, it’s only a few strings full Now we’re ready to start In fact, this grape does not wash also has an advantage Because it The surface has natural […]

Heart Healthy: The Benefits of Red Wine

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Thank you for watching this episode of Grape Tips presented by the grape dot com. Have you ever wondered, “What Are The Health Benefits Of Red Wine?” Well, we’d like to share why you should consider drinking a glass or two of wine a day all in the name of improved health! So what is […]

Remove a Red Wine Stain

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Don’t let a wine stain soak up your enjoyment. Let the fabric soak instead. Mix together 1 / 4 of lukewarm water, 1 / 2 teaspoon of liquid hand dishwashing detergent and 1 tablespoon vinegar. Soak the clothing for 15 minutes. Twins the garment. If the stain is gone, wash as normal. But if the […]

WORKING Mini Wine Bottle! DIY

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Hi, welcome to Cookin’ Little! Today I’m going to be making a working miniature wine bottle I’m using these plastic pipettes and a clear plastic straw that you can find on these juice boxes I’m just going to cut the bottom off And then I’m going to go around and trim and make sure everything’s […]

The Disappearance of Dylan Redwine Clip 1

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When I got home the TV was on and it was on to one of the nickelodeon channels that he’s always watching I didn’t notice his backpack not being There was a fishing pole at the house and was dylan’s fishing pole that fishing pole is never found I did lay down and take a […]

KRISTxREDWINE Baby Bright Red Wine Cover Pact แป้งไวน์แดง

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Please sit down You look good today Because of this! Baby Bright Red Wine Cover Pact SPF30 PA++ The red grape extract helps nourishing skin to a healthy condition while being a sunscreen, waterproof, sweat-proof Shining! So shining! Perfect! Baby Bright Red Wine Cover Pact covers seamlessly! serving a glowing complexion

PREVIEW Wine Masters Season 2: ITALY | Episode 1 of 5: Piedmont

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[woman] There are some wines, Nebbiolo based wines in particular, that are so beautiful you almost don’t need to drink them. You can just sit with them for hours, and they keep releasing more and more perfume. [woman 2] There are a lot of delicate perfumes, a lot, many, so delicate that you’re always chasing […]