How to make an Alcohol Powered Bottle Rocket

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Hey Guys! It’s mike from The Geek Pub, and on this episode I’ll show you how I made this awesome alcohol powered bottle rocket! The parts list for this project is very simple can be found at First, we will need two small sections of half-inch PVC pipe, and a half-inch PVC coupler. Our […]

Fun Facts Wine and Craft Beer Quiz

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dum dum hci chi chi dum dudr dur dudr ayyy durdur hahah heheh dur dur durDUR DUR!! that will do is it still recording yes it recording haha, Welcome to Wine Jam MasterMind my Name is John Humpries and we will have Somm Kash VS Crafty Lozzafighting it to the DEATH, well to win.. the […]

Recycled DIY Wine Bottle Drip Candle Holders | #Trashtotreasure

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AudieG here and welcome back to my art studio today I am so excited about the Creative Arts Collaboration hashtag event this month it really brought out the junker in me I have done two videos already and I Just have to work on another for this trash to treasure event I have had some […]

Alcohol laws of Missouri

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I’m Possible: Michael G. From Alcohol to Recovery. [Addiction Story]

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My name is Michael Griggs I’m the senior house manager at next-step village and I’ve been sober for three years the first time I got intoxicated was when I was 13 and I Was with a bunch of friends at a friend’s house and we had gotten into their parents liquor cabinet when I felt […]

Smart Wine Bottle with A.I. Francis Ford Coppola

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Introducing the latest release from Francis Ford Coppola Winery. Francis, add avocado and hot sauce to my shopping cart. A.I. Francis: “Avocados and hot sauce added.” Francis, Turn the lights off. A.I. Francis: “OK. Dimming lights. Sweet dreams.” Francis, what’s the time difference in Belize? A.I. Francis: “Belize is two hours ahead of Pacific Standard […]

Virgin Wines – What is WineBank?

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My name is Jay I’m CEO here at Virgin Wines and Virgin Wines is all about having a great time living your life to the max, making the most of every moment and that’s why our philosophy is that life’s too short for boring wine. WineBank is a truly unique scheme there’s really nothing else […] – Bộ mở rượu vang bằng pin Cuisinart Electric Wine Opener CWO-25

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The Jerk (4/10) Movie CLIP – Navin Calls the Cops (1979) HD

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l got it. Just send a police car over. Mrs. Nussbaum’s credit card. l got the guys who stole it. [honking] Hold on, they’re calling me. l’ll be right back. [car honking] [men chattering] Yes? Yeah. Throw a couple of tires in the trunk. Put it on the card. Radials. (Navin) Okay. Make them whitewalls. […]

IUPAC Nomenclature of Haloalkanes and Alcohols

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so now let’s take a look at some other kinds of substituents other than alkyl substituents a very common one is halogens. when you have a hydrocarbon with halogen substituents these are called haloalkanes so here’s one, and now all the rules are the same so first we can identify the longest carbon chain being […]