ShipCompliant PRO: Online Product Registrations for Wine and Spirits

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The latest vintage of your winery’s award-winning Cab is finally set to go, and your boss wants it on the shelves yesterday . . . You’ve already got a ton on your plate . . . . . . and now, once again, you have to get a new product registered with several different states […]

Wine of the Week: Gossips Dolcetto & Syrah Sweet Lips (Episode 36)

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Hello! Hi! Welcome to a special episode of Wines & Titas! And we are here with And he’s from the land of Merlion! Where is that? Where there are lots of “merlies” (effeminate men). Lots of merlies! We were talking about Singapore, by the way. The Lion City. Our wine from Australia this week sounds […]

The Best Red Wine for Beginners: French Malbec

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I love a nice, dense, powerful Malbec from Argetina. But this wine has a little bit of a secret. You see, its ancestors come from a different part of the world And they’re still out there… That’s great news, people. That means that you can still drink the original Malbec. We’re going to talk about […]

How To Make Red Wine At Home| Grape Wine Process At Home

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Thanks for watching, and please subscribe if you have not done so, also Spread the word “Jevon Randh” Recipes Hello lets make grapes wine at home Ingredients Required: Grapes 1 kg sugar 600-800 g, depending the sweetness of the grapes Yeast for wine making (5 g) 1-2 pieces of cinnamon stick filtered water 600 ml […]

Apartment Sessions – Empire Liquor Mart (9127 S. Figueroa St.) featuring Gabriel Kahane

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When the black and whites arrive I am lifeless on the floor. Crumpled dollars in my hand In my hand, in my hand. The lady in the fishing vest Has dropped the gun. Who wears a fishing vest When they’re working at a liquor store? I float up to the corner Just above the ice […]

BEST Tapas in Barcelona! 🙌 We visit 8 AMAZING tapas bars!

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Hi guys, it’s James here from Devour Tours. I’m in Barcelona. I’ve got two colleagues with me – Lauren and Katie, from Devour Tours. And we’ve just finished work here for the day in Barcelona. It’s 8 o’clock at night and we’re going to head out for tapas. But we’ve set ourselves a bit of […]

Proof. The crowdfunded wine bar in Somerset West

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Hi, I’m Dan. And I’m Wayne, and if you’re watching this, you already know what we have planned. We’re starting a wine bar right in the middle of Somerset West. We’re crowdfunding it. That means we want you to be part of it from the beginning. It doesn’t look like much right now, but with […]

Gruet Blanc De Noirs – Fairgrounds Wine and Spirits Video

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Hello everybody and welcome back to Fairgrounds TV. I’m your host Peter Moeller of Fairgrounds Wine and Spirits and happy holidays! The big one’s are behind us and the best one is in front of us. We have New Year’s Eve coming up very, very shortly. It is in a couple days and I figured […]

Pyrat Rum – Fairgrounds Wine and Spirits Video

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What’s going down, everybody? Welcome back to FairgroundsTV. I am your host, Peter Moeller. Today we have a spirit that has come across my desk numerous times. We’ve had it at the store for quite some time and I am going to check it out. This is Pyrat XO rum from the, this is the […]

5. Still Can’t Believe I Made My Own Wine ( emotional… )

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Hey guys, What’s up? It’s Alex. So welcome back. The wine-making series. Today is the fifth and final episode of how to make fri-fri-fri freakish wine at home using only basic equipment. In this series, I’m sharing my whole experience about wine-making at home from fresh grapes all the way to beautiful wine And using […]