01/15/19 Council Committees: Public Safety Beer & Regulated Beverages

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Food and Beverage IEEE Webinar

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hello and welcome to this Rittal Corporation webinar now allow me to introduce today’s speaker and get this webinar started John Carnevale is for Rittal corporation’s market manager for the food and beverage industry and with that I’ll hand things over to John. John Thank You Kim and thank you all for your time today […]

Can You Make Alcohol in Space?

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The people who work on the International Space Station probably have one of the coolest jobs out there. I mean, the view from their office window is the entire planet. Some of them even get to do spacewalks. But working on Earth does have at least one perk that astronauts don’t: After a long day, […]

Setting up MetaTrader 4 on Mac OS X using Wine

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Hi, it’s Brian again. If you’re watching this video, you’ve probably noticed that MetaTrader 4 doesn’t have an officially supported Mac version of its trading software. Today I’m going to show you how to get set up on your Mac anyway. Let’s get started! The underlying technology used to do this is called Wine. It’s […]

Download the New Total Wine & More App!

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Eugene Ranks Cheap American Beer

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And now, time for my theme song. Click to subscribe. You know, I don’t like when people do that in a video. I don’t want you to tell me what to do while I’m watching a video. Like, I’m already watching, you don’t tell me to click somewhere else, Jesus Christ. I’m a really terrible […]


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와인앤모어 와인시음회 TOP 10 – 진짜 맛있는 와인들만 그랜드 테이스팅에서 골랐습니다 -1부

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How to Pronounce Canard Duchêne? French Champagne Wine Pronunciation

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This is Julien, the french winemaking guy who makes wine videos here on YouTube, yes wine videos! We are looking at how to pronounce the name of this famous French Champagne house founded 1868 when a barrel-maker called Victor Canard met a winemaker called Léonie Duchene, and they madly fell in love with each other, […]

Physical Abuse and Its Long Term Effects | Kati Morton

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