What Would You Tell Your Patients About Drinking Alcohol and Breast Cancer Risk?

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10 Pepsi Drinks America WON’T BELIEVE EXIST!!!

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Pepsi has existed for over 100 years and have released tons of different products since then. Pepsi is available in over 200 countries, with a lot of them having products that are unique to them. Because there are so many different products all around the world, there’s bound to be some interesting Pepsi drinks you […]

Dr. Greger in the Kitchen: My New Favorite Beverage

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How to photograph a glass bottle, beverage photography tutorial

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– Hey guys, in this video, I’m going to show you, in three minutes, how we did this image during our Pro Club workshop at Photigy School of Photography. I’m Alex Koloskov the founder. This will be a short tutorial, but it will be a good for those of you who is not in Pro […]

Sex & Alcohol

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When I taught adolescent health classes I’d often use this analogy: Dish as the body and milk as the mind. Then I’d ask participants to squeeze drops of food coloring into the milk to represent the messages they’ve received about sex. After it was nice and full I’d explain that alcohol by its very nature […]

Stop Drinking Alcohol Week 1 – Why I Quit The Booze For Good | SDA1

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Irish People Taste Test French Alcohol

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[Both]: Deux, trois! [Nicole]: Ahhhh! No… It… [Laura]: La la la la la la [Darren]: French alcohol. [Kellie]: Yeah. [Darren] So I’m expecting, like, garlic flavored beer and.. you know, cheese flavored wine, and all that [Nicole]: Wine! They like their wine. [Laura]: Oh, wine.. [Colin]: F***ing hate wine. Strong stance to take, I know! […]

It’s Your Job – Alcohol Education

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you do this all day nearly every day it’s a routine it’s easy to forget the important role you play in preventing the sale of alcohol and tobacco to minors while trying to do your job keeping your customers and your manager happy with fast quality customer service yet the fact is that millions of […]

Paso Robles, California (full episode) – “V is for Vino” wine show

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I’m here at Hearst Castle in San Luis Obispo County Hearst Castle was made for newspaper magnate William Randolph Hearst. Have you seen Citizen Kane? This was the inspiration. Over 80,000 square feet 90 bedrooms 90 bathrooms did I mention 100 foot Neptune pool? Pretty amazing.But if you drive 40 miles inland from here you’re […]

Sensitive Teeth Whitening Tips | Sensodyne®

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How to Help Whiten Your Sensitive Teeth Certain foods and drinks can affect the whiteness of your sensitive teeth. Try these tips to keep stains and sensitive teeth under control. 1. Rinse After Drinking Red Wine. .Red wines like Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot can stain teeth. Rinsing with water can help minimize discoloration. 2. Add […]