Dark Aspects #3 – Alcohol in The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask

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It’s been stated before. It’s been said many times and talked about it since the release. Majora’s Mask is a dark game. It’s the darkest one I’ve ever played, and why I was inspired to create this series of videos. But we all know that its atmosphere, theme of impending doom, and moody visuals make […]

Cold hardy grapes feed local wine industry

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We are at the University of Minnesota Horticulture research center, at the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum and this is where we conduct our grape breeding. We are primarily focused on wine grapes and making wine in Minnesota is a relatively new venture. We have been at that since 1978 and have introduced four varieties so far: […]

Easy 10-Minute Alfredo Pasta With Rosé Wine | #SoBasic

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On this episode of so basic, I’ll be showing you an easy Alfredo sauce with a trendy twist, thanks to this super cool beverage. Hey, hey rosé. And the best part is in the time that it takes to cook this pasta, we’ll have made an easy, super-silky sauce that you’ll definitely want to share. […]

Most Clearance of any Wine Cooler! NEW Allavino Flexcount Classic

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This is not what a wine collection looks like Few people have one bottle type A collector will have many different bottle sizes Your refrigerator should accommodate every bottle FlexCount Classic. Classic Look. Modern Flexibility. Tallest cabinet on the market to allow maximum clearance Similar models can’t fit all bottle types causing scuffed labels and […]

09.3 Short- and Long-Term Effects of Adolescent Alcohol Use

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There are both short-term and long-term negative effects on adolescents who drink. The short-term effects of ingesting alcohol increase the more that one drinks on any occasion. These short-term effects include memory impairment, to the point of blacking out; impaired reasoning ability and confusion; problems concentrating; motor problems, such as slurred speech, poor coordination, staggering […]

How to minimize hangovers

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The indulgences of summer can come back to haunt you. Hangovers can cause headaches, nausea and an overall horrible feeling. Scientist and emergency physician Dr. Clare Atzema says, all that drinking leaves you dry. It’s mostly dehydration that’s causing that terrible headache that you feel. And you have a lot of alcohol by-products that break […]


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Sour ass look on his face ooohhhohhoh my god it seriously felt like a willy wonka gobstopper bby What i am saying is that i should have never put this in my body. A cool wolf is now on the screen (Intro) Ah, bom dia, todos e seja bem vindo ao vídeo de hoje Onde […]

Soft Drinks Could Increase Type 2 Diabetes Risk

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(Image source: Shed Your Weight) BY ELISA LOPEZ AGUADO A daily dose of soft drinks may give you something else besides an energy boost. A recent study suggests drinking one or more cans of the sweetened soft drinks per day can increase the risk of type 2 diabetes in the future by 22 percent. Researchers […]

International Master on Wine Tourism Innovation – WINTOUR

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There goes the saying, “Water separates from one another but, wine unites them”. Wine does not require us to learn a language to understand each another. However, with their own cultures, stories and senses, we seem to understand each other. When you put marketing at the heart of wine, it begins to expand in every […]


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Did you know that wine isn’t all just grapes? But also contains animal products? Basically all wine that doesn’t contain animal products in the process of the wine making… is Vegan Wine During the process all wine looks Murky and… like Cloudy looking before they turn crystal clear. And to make it so the winemaker […]