One on Wine | Holiday Edition

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You’re going to a Christmas party so what should you bring… wine! In this basket are the four wines that I’d recommend dropping off at your next holiday party. This is One on Wine. Now first you send your jacket away to coat camp. Then you say hi to the people that you know. Then […]

Frozen Watermelon Slushie | Tim Shieff

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Hello and welcome to Drinks Tube with me Tim Shieff professional and resident vegan. Today I’m going to be taking you through how to make a watermelon slushie with just three ingredients, it’s great for BBQs, summer parties, children. It’s not quite sorbet and it’s not quite juice- just slushie. You’re gonna love it. We’ve […]

WHISKY: 3 Ways To Drink It | Rich Hunt

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Hey Guys welcome to Drinks Tube Rich here now we’ve all been there you’ve been given a bottle of scotch and you’re not entirely sure what to do with it well have no fear I’m here to help I’m gonna show you three very simple things that you can do with that bottle of whisky […]

Serve Safe, Drink Safe, Do the Right Thing – Asheville Alcohol Safety Campaign

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How many have I had tonight Chris? I’ve had at least 2 doubleshots of Jameson, I’ve had 2-3 beers, plus 2 or 3 more here. I mean, a bunch. So you could order 20 drinks in a bar and they would keep serving you? Yes. See, now I see where your exposè is going. Yes, […]

DIY Alcohol Ink Mugs: Brighten up your morning coffee

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well hey there everyone Laurel beard here with a highly viewer requested video and that’s making your own coffee tea hot cocoa mug whatever your fancy all started with this photo I posted on Instagram and my email was lit up with requests on how to make them so here I am I’m gonna make […]

Swiss wine history & Swiss wines – interview with José Vouillamoz

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Jose, you just released your book on the history and grape varieties of Switzerland. Can you give us a brief history of Switzerland in terms of grape growing? Switzerland is a treasure trove for ampelographers Before going through history I need to give some numbers of the actual situation. We grow officially two hundred, more […]


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Today I will share with you one of the recipes of Georgian wine-making Temperature change isn’t good for wine, so I’m making it in a basement Well fuck your mother bees overpowered I’ve finished crushing grapes Now I’ll just cover it The temperature here is 22 degrees It’s evening already and we need to stir […]

Capítulo: Drogas, alcohol y embarazo????| Caso Cerrado | Telemundo

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Alcohol Ink Lift with Stencil

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How To Grow Wine Cap Edible Organic Mushrooms: Wood Chips & Straw -Identify, Cultivate, Preserve

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Hi YouTubers. I’m Al Gracian from It’s the beginning of September. I’m out here in the garden. And many people may be closing up shop here. But I have a nice crop of kale, broccoli. But something in particular that I want to show you today. In this edible landscape… what’s this? Check it […]