De Long Wine Tasting Notebook Video | Wineware

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The de long wine tasting notebook is a great and informative way to make tasting notes. The notebook is available in both soft and hard bound, with over 95 easy to complete wine tasting pages in the soft and over 140 in the hard bound. These are easy to follow as you simply circle the […]

Green Woodturning Techniques – Alcohol Soak & Walnut Oil Finish

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Hi, Alan Stratton from As Wood Turns. ( As woodturners, we want the ultimate turning experience: taking a bowl from a log in a tree, rough turning it, drying it, finish turning it, finishing it, and obtaining a very nice bowl in the process, such as this one. In this video, I’ll cover two of […]

IndoBuleTrials: Indonesians Try Chinese Alcohol | Chinese New Year Edition!

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Can you stand up so you don’t look fat… Apa kalian pernah coba alkohol dari Cina? No…. — Water bottle from Mangdu (Jakarta’s Chinatown) So that doesn’t count? I have What was that? — I don’t know cause I can’t read Chinese You know how complicated the writings are This is the first drink… This […]

How to Chill Wine with Frozen Grapes

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There’s nothing more frustrating than to want to have a glass of wine but the bottle has yet to be chilled. What do you do? Add ice? That works but it leaves your wine watered down. Here’s a better idea. Get some grapes. Put them in a bowl and to keep them in your freezer. […]

rhubarb wine

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Eventually I’m going to edit this together to be a start-to-finish video of how to make rhubarb wine what I’m going to do now is publish each stage as I do it so, we have our rhubarb here – on offer today in Tesco for one pound for 400g Obviously if you grow your own: […]

10 Coca-Cola Drinks That Embarrassed The Company (Part 2)

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Established more than 133 years ago, Coca-Cola is a legend in the carbonated drinks market. While it has churned out many impressive drinks over the years, some of its creations have been epic failures. Check out these 10 Coca-Cola drinks that embarrassed the company – part 2 Coca-Cola Water Salad For most Americans, the ultimate […]

How Much Alcohol is in Naturally Carbonated Ginger Beer || Glen & Friends Cooking

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welcome friends this is a breakout video that is part of the ginger beer making video series so there’s a video on making ginger bug there’s a video on making ginger beer but one of the mysteries of making ginger beer is that most of the videos or blogs downplay the amount of alcohol in […]

Dark Aspects #3 – Alcohol in The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask

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It’s been stated before. It’s been said many times and talked about it since the release. Majora’s Mask is a dark game. It’s the darkest one I’ve ever played, and why I was inspired to create this series of videos. But we all know that its atmosphere, theme of impending doom, and moody visuals make […]

Cold hardy grapes feed local wine industry

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We are at the University of Minnesota Horticulture research center, at the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum and this is where we conduct our grape breeding. We are primarily focused on wine grapes and making wine in Minnesota is a relatively new venture. We have been at that since 1978 and have introduced four varieties so far: […]

Easy 10-Minute Alfredo Pasta With Rosé Wine | #SoBasic

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On this episode of so basic, I’ll be showing you an easy Alfredo sauce with a trendy twist, thanks to this super cool beverage. Hey, hey rosé. And the best part is in the time that it takes to cook this pasta, we’ll have made an easy, super-silky sauce that you’ll definitely want to share. […]