Wine Sense Season 1 Episode 110 (Malbec): The Truth About Malbec

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Nicole: Okay Philippe. We are in Cahors, where the Malbec grape really originated. Philippe: That’s right yeah, yeah. Nicole: So it’s not Argentina. It’s right here in France. Philippe: No, Argentina is our cousin and Malbec went to Argentina about 150 years ago but it came from France. Nicole: Now tell me a little bit […]

Schokoladen Kuchen mit Glühwein (Rezept) || Chocolate Mulled Wine Cake (Recipe) || [ENG SUBS]

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Chocolate Cake with Mulled Wine All ingredients and quantitative data are listed & linked in the infobox below. Welcome to a new video… …today I’ll show you a recipe for a delicious chocolate cake with mulled wine… …for this I’ve got 100 grams of dark chocolate here… …simply chop it to pieces with a knife… […]

Chicago’s Best BBQ: Sheffield’s Wine & Beer Garden

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(upbeat rock music) – Lakeview has a corner bar that’s not your typical neighborhood spot. Sheffield’s has a beer garden, and they smoke all their own barbecue in house. Craig said we had to check this place out for its deceptively killer meat. And with a description like that, you can count us in. – […]

BAD HEALTH EFFECTS OF COLD DRINKS II जानिये कोल्ड ड्रिंक्स के बुरे स्वास्थ प्रभावों के बारे में II

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Welcome to health care at home You must have heard me saying this very often to not to drink cold drinks. But Why?? Let me tell you its reason, There is no nutritional value in it It contains lot of calories, in result obesity. And when you will be obese then it will come along […]

icywave, hızlı içecek soğutucu | fast beverage chiller

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ICYWAVE is an innovative blast cooler for commercial and home use designed to chill drinks in a fraction of time when compared to conventional fridges, chillers and coolers. Cooling with ICYWAVE is quite easy Place the beverages you want to serve, in the receptacle, First select the cooling time suitable for your beverage Then set […]

OUR BEACH HOUSE ON THE HILL | sunset, wine and cuddling

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Wine Christmas calendar. December 2nd

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Hello and welcome to this Christmas calendar, wine calender. I am Nikolaj and this is João. I am João, yeah. So… What more than João? João… Just,just… Ah, Dr. João… Dr. what was it? We will go through that later Well this is a Christmas TV calendar which is quite a popular thing in Denmark. […]

Celebrity Cocktails Taste Test

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Mom Tries Korean Alcohol | Canada VS Korea: Grocery Price Differences? ??

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Florence Private Tour: Chianti Region Wine Tasting

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>>RYAN: This beautiful area behind me is Chianti and today I’m in for a real treat I’m gonna go on a tour of some vineyards and farms and castles and try out Chianti wine and we’re gonna top it off with a nice dinner First stop of the day is the Quercheto castle right behind […]